VIDEO: Metrodome demolition continues with 84 charges of TNT

This is what the inside of the Metrodome looked like on Feb. 3. (Twitter/@Vikings)
This is what the inside of the Metrodome looked like on Feb. 3. (Twitter/@Vikings)

We've been documenting the destruction of the Metrodome since it began on Jan. 18 when the roof was deflated. However, the roof being deflated wasn't half as exciting as what happened on Sunday morning. 

What happened on Sunday morning? Things got serious. Seriously awesome. The last remaining concrete ring in the stadium was destroyed with 84 charges of dynamite. If you want to know what it looks like when 84 charges of dynamite destroys something, just watch the video below. 

The Vikings are scheduled to play their next two seasons at the University of Minnesota's football stadium. After that, Minnesota is expected to move into their new stadium, which is scheduled to open in time for the 2016 season.

Because everyone likes dynamite, here's a second angle of the destruction. 

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