Vikings coach Mike Zimmer's eye issues haven't disappeared since his emergency procedure last season. On Saturday, when Zimmer met with members of the media, he revealed that he had yet another eye operation last week. 

And that means Zimmer has now had eight(!) eye surgeries.

"It's so complicated, but they took the silicone … out. They put the gas bubble in," Zimmer said, per the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

A year ago, Zimmer missed the Vikings' early December game against the Cowboys after he underwent an emergency procedure to fix a detached retina on Nov. 30. But that wasn't his first issue. As the Associated Press reported, Zimmer scratched his eye during the Vikings' loss to the Bears on Halloween. He had surgery for a torn retina in early November -- that was the first surgery.

"It's probably a good thing that I scratched my eye during the game. Otherwise I may not have caught it in time," Zimmer said at the time. "But hopefully everything will be all right."

Zimmer only missed that one game despite undergoing another surgery during the season. When he did make his return, he did so while wearing an eye patch.


According to the Pioneer Press, Zimmer said he had two additional surgeries in April. Hopefully Zimmer's latest surgery is his last one.

"I thought that before," he said. "We'll see."