The Raiders might move to Las Vegas. They might stay put in Oakland. At this point, it's still unknown. But Mark Davis' interest in moving his franchise to Las Vegas is certainly feeling like an actual possibility.

A video titled "The Time is Now" and published by the Support Las Vegas Dome group on Thursday fed the project more momentum. The video, which features Davis and Raiders president Marc Badain -- along with a host of Nevada politicians -- pushes for a new stadium in the area.

And that, of course, only serves as fuel for the Raiders' hypothetical relocation to Vegas.

"When my father passed away and I took over, I feel like I'm the person that's carrying the torch forward and it's my responsibility to perpetuate his legacy," Davis said. "For the past six years we've been trying to get a stadium done in Oakland, and then the opportunity of Las Vegas came to our attention."

Just earlier this week, Davis said he was "very optimistic" about the potential move -- he's already said he'll pay $500 million for a new stadium. The mayor of Las Vegas seems just as optimistic. And the relocation has already earned the endorsement of influential owners like Jerry Jones and Robert Kraft.

Again, there's no way to know if this move will actually happen. But it certainly seems like a real possibility.

"Our goal is to build a local fan base and building the pride in the community with the Raiders and the organization," Davis said.

He later added, "When our season's over, we stay, 24/7, 365 days a year. The players working with the schools, working with the other organizations, charities, are things that I don't think anybody else can bring, that the Raiders and the National Football League can bring to this city."