Where will Nick Foles play in 2019? Ranking the Eagles QB's most likely landing spots

Nick Foles has quarterbacked the Philadelphia Eagles through two straight playoff runs, racking up improbable victories and a historic Super Bowl title along the way, but with Carson Wentz entrenched as the team's long-term No. 1, it's a good bet Foles will be starting elsewhere in 2019.

Before the 2018 season, Foles and the Eagles agreed on a revised contract that includes a mutual option for 2019. The team can use it to keep him under contract for $20 million, whereas Foles can opt out of it by refunding a previous $2 million bonus if he wishes to hit free agency. In other words, with Wentz sticking around for the long term, Foles won't be back, at least at his projected salary. And the way both sides are talking, it sounds like Foles and the Eagles are OK with a mutual parting of ways.

Where, exactly, could the Super Bowl LII MVP end up, however?

With just this year's Super Bowl standing in the way of the 2019 offseason, we've ranked the most likely landing spots:

11. Retirement

If you know Foles' story, this wouldn't be a shock if he has a sudden change of heart or can't find the offer he's looking for. The veteran revealed during the Eagles' 2017 title run that he actually decided to step away from the game before signing with the Kansas City Chiefs in 2016. He's also especially unaffected by his reputation and has talked openly about becoming a pastor after football. We'd call this a long shot, but it can't be ruled out.

10. Minnesota Vikings

This is probably about as unlikely as him retiring, but hear us out. This has nothing to do with Kirk Cousins. The Vikings do not have a proven backup under contract for 2019, with Trevor Siemian set to hit free agency. They have an affinity for ex-Eagles QBs (see: Randall Cunningham, Donovan McNabb, Sam Bradford). And if Foles has earned the respect of any team, it's Minnesota, a franchise that reportedly tried landing him multiple times a few years ago. He also played with Cousins in college, so if he can't find a starting gig and is willing to be a backup again, why not here?

9. Houston Texans

Again, like retirement and the Vikings, this only makes sense if Foles is unable to get a great starting opportunity. Texans coach Bill O'Brien has heaped praise on Foles in the past, and beyond that, Houston's current backup, Brandon Weeden, is set to become a free agent. There's also probably not a better geographical fit for him outside of Philly. By backing up Deshaun Watson, he'd be just a few hours from Austin, Texas, where he was born and raised.

8. Philadelphia Eagles

If there's anyone who'd take less money to remain in Philly, it's Foles. The guy loves the city, loves the fans and will forever be a hero for his Super Bowl LII heroics. He's also been used a whole lot more than normal backups because of Wentz's injury history. The Eagles are also creative enough to finagle his finances. And yet it really does feel like the time has come for a split, with Wentz entering a prove-it season as the face of the franchise and Foles eligible for probably his last big starting opportunity.

7. New York Giants

Foles is better than the 37-year-old Eli Manning, but who knows if New York truly believes their old man has gas left in the tank? The NFC East connection ensures the team would be aware of Foles' strengths and weaknesses, and coach Pat Shurmur was Foles' offensive coordinator for the QB's lone Pro Bowl season. Then again, Shurmur was also part of the regime that OK'd a trade of Foles to the Rams. At least the thought of Foles with Saquon Barkley and Odell Beckham Jr. should tease New York.

6. Washington Redskins

They've been all about the retread QB over the years, acquiring two former Andy Reid veterans (Donovan McNabb, Alex Smith) since 2010. Foles would represent a third, and with Smith's future murky after surgery, Washington looks like a place that could have a starting job open. We're just not sold Foles would be jumping up and down to join this organization unless the team goes after him with a full head of steam.

5. Cincinnati Bengals

Here's your oddball of the bunch. The Bengals are expected to hire Rams quarterbacks coach Zac Taylor to replace the ousted Marvin Lewis, and with such a serious change figures to come serious evaluation of the QB position, from which Andy Dalton can be cut or traded at no cost. Perhaps Taylor will admire Dalton, but he'll also hear good things about Foles from his brother, Press, the Eagles' QBs coach, a Foles friend and rumored Bengals hire. Even if Cincy was bent on drafting a Dalton replacement, what better way to bridge to the future than with a Super Bowl MVP?

4. Oakland Raiders

Coach Jon Gruden and QB Derek Carr have exchanged pleasantries despite a roller-coaster first season together, and yet if there's anyone in the NFL who's capable of a surprise blockbuster, it's Gruden. Who's to say Oakland won't explore a trade of Carr, especially if it can get its hands on a more proven big-game QB like Foles? A lot has to happen for this to become reality, but would anyone really be surprised if Gruden and the Raiders found a way into the year's hottest quarterback sweepstakes?

3. Denver Broncos

The Broncos gave Case Keenum, Foles' former teammate, $36 million a year ago. But it's fair to wonder if John Elway won't make sweeping changes (again), especially since Denver can get out of Keenum's deal pretty easily. Foles has his career similarities to Keenum, another guy who's flashed in small sample sizes, but Foles also won a Super Bowl, and there are few executives who love title-winning veteran QBs like Elway.

2. Miami Dolphins

Ryan Tannehill is still on the team, but he may not be come this summer if Miami opts to spread the dead money of a potential release over the next two years. Team owner Stephen Ross is getting impatient, and at age 30, Tannehill has accomplished far less than Foles. Miami is also expected to hire New England Patriots assistant Brian Flores as their new coach -- the same man who watched Foles carve up his defense in the Super Bowl. Even if the 'Phins draft a new QB, they'd draw fans right away with No. 9.

1. Jacksonville Jaguars

This is the mother of all possibilities. It's almost too good to be true. Blake Bortles figures to be on his way out. Tom Coughlin's Giants witnessed Foles' talent plenty of times back in the day -- talent that drew praise from Coughlin at the time. Foles has considered relocating to Florida before. And the Jags' new offensive coordinator just happens to be John DeFilippo, the same man who mentored Foles as the Eagles' QBs coach during Philly's Super Bowl run. Jacksonville drafting a future face of the franchise wouldn't preclude them from pursuing Foles, either, considering this team is just a year removed from an AFC title trip.

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