Adidas NCAA college basketball uniforms: Hot or not?

The Cincinnati Bearcats tested out their zubaz-meets-MC Hammer inspired uniforms in a loss to Georgetown in the Big East tournament on Thursday. Other schools rocking the stripes, Notre Dame, Louisville, UCLA, Baylor, Notre Dame and Kansas will test the mesmerizing power of the uniforms in their respective tournaments. It’s not known whether or not the uniforms distract opponents, but what fans think about the uniforms is definitely known – and it ain’t all good.

Our Inside College Basketball crew dabbles in the fashion realm (especially Alaa Abdelnaby, he takes his Duke blue neckties very seriously) and the crew had an opinion on whether the uniforms were hot or not.

There’s even some unitard talk. As a player, would you rock these uniforms if you had a choice?

Alaa Abdelnaby: They look like the weightlifting pants folks used to wear back in the '90s. Zubaz. They remind me of being in Gold's Gym in Venice, California.

I actually bought a pair from there. They are hideous.

Dana Jacobson: They’re like zubaz pants from the '80s or '90s or whenever they were cool. And they weren’t even cool then. I can’t decide which is worse. I actually think the Louisville ones might be the least offensive in some way. I don’t know why, but the red is masking this awful look. The Bearcats are the worse.

Mateen Cleaves: I couldn’t go back to Flint, Michigan, wearing that. They would say I look like a Skittles snow cone or cotton candy. Are these the worst uniforms you’ve ever seen?

Jacobson: I hate to say this but I would like to see all of them go down so that I don’t have to see the uniform anymore.

Abdelnaby: Remember the unitards? NC State wore a skintight one piece. They looked like a wrestling singlet. It was embarrassing. It was horrible. You could see their lunch, that’s how tight these things were.

I don’t know how they played with them. At least these new uniforms have more material. Are you comfortable with Adidas messing with the classic look of some of these uniforms?

Jacobson: I’ve given up on tradition and college basketball going hand-in-hand anymore.

Cleaves: Certain jerseys are not to be touched and UCLA and Kansas are the two that stick out to me to not be messed with.

Abdelnaby: Can you imagine a Team USA jersey looking like this? It would be almost borderline disrespectful. How about the sleeves, hot or not?

Abdelnaby: As a player I didn’t like wearing a shooting shirt. So anything over my shoulder while I’m shooting would bother me. So I would hate wearing those just because of the sleeve part. That’s doubly bad.

Jacobson: There’s a reason that the jerseys are cut the way they are. Do not throw a sleeve on it. The best change in college basketball that ever happened were the long shorts from short shorts. Outside of that, leave it alone. Overall, are you a fan of this new trend of adjusting jerseys for what seems like marketing purposes?

Cleaves: I think everybody is just trying to keep up with Nike and Oregon. But Oregon’s jerseys are nice. They look good.

Abdelnaby: It’s all about execution.

Jacobson: If there’s a new uniform to sell it probably will.

What are your thoughts on the new uniforms? Make your voice heard in the comment section below or on Twitter @Hoopsoncbs. You can also follow Adena Andrews on Twitter@adena_andrews.

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