Wakeup Call: Welcome to MARCH

It's Friday! Hey, want to give you a heads-up that next week will be the last for the Wakeup Call this season. I know -- you're bummed. But March is a beast, and this puppy takes more than an hour to research and compile each night. So, the good news is there will be even more posts to track on the site, and we'll extrapolate more Wakeup Call-worthy material into their own posts. Keep sending the links. I greatly appreciate it: matt.norlander@cbsinteractive.com.

Around the World

I love Chaos Theory. || Man in helicopter saves stranded deer on ice. Watch it happen. || Hendrix went cold at 27. I have no idea how he had the time for the drugz. Man has a deeper discography than Stevie Wonder. || "We Found Our Son in the Subway." || The people of science are now linking brains. Actual brain linkage, children. || If you'd like to know how in-the-zone I get with this glamorous blog lifestyle, know that this happened yesterday, literally across the street from my apartment, and I had no idea.

Layup Line

Moving Pictures and Music

»» Was desperate to find a hoops video late Thursday night. And just as I was about to give up, this falls in my lap. Whooo, doggies. That's Chris Roberts, previously of Bradley, flying and hammering over former Zag Will Foster in an NBDL game.

As promised, the final few Wakeup Calls this season will have music picked by my awesome followers. I know want to know more about Lotus Plaza, thanks to @DomoBENesis. Enjoy your Friday, everyone. Saturday slate is slammed with a lot of great games.

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