Should this trade be VETOED!?

So this morning I woke up to an email. A nasty, disgusting email that immediately put me in a bad mood.

TEAM A trades Kole Calhoun to TEAM S for Dustin Ackley (Team S stands for "Team Scott White." But don't be mad at Scott. He didn't propose the trade).

First of all, the season hasn't even started yet. WHO TRADES NOW!? We JUST drafted! But whatever, to each their own. But already we get a lopsided deal that everyone was pretty steamed about. And of course, we have no veto process.

It should be noted that TEAM A had a solid reason (other than being a Mariners fan. Yes, really) for making the trade. And TEAM A's logic made sense. But still. Bad trade.

So here's what I like in my leagues:

No, the commissioner should not be able to just outright veto a deal. But I like to have a vote. Every member in the league that was not involved in the trade gets to vote yay or nay. If you get enough nay votes, the trade is denied. I've always found this to be fair. Trades rarely get vetoed with this system, but the truly outrageous ones that make you want to quit Fantasy Baseball and sports in general forever will get vetoed.*

And the funny thing is: I wouldn't have even vetoed this trade. It's not that bad. It's not a league-ruiner. Just something that put me in a lousy mood ...

... Until I showed up to work! Yay! #LoveMyJob

*hyperbole alert!

If you want to hear our discussion about this trade on today's podcast, get some headphones and click below.

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