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Aaron Rodgers is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. He's won four MVPs, including the last two, and I'll admit doubting him during those years. Now he's lost Davante Adams, and according to him, his top three wide receivers are Allen Lazard, Randall Cobb, and Sammy Watkins. According to him both of his running backs might catch 50 passes. According to me, it's really hard to trust Rodgers as a top-12 quarterback this year. But I've been wrong before, especially about him.

In Dynasty, the questions about 2022 put him in a strange place. Because if he's not a top-12 QB this year then he doesn't hold a lot of value as a 38-year-old, whether he's won four MVPs or not. Rodgers could decide to give it up at any moment, it seems we'll do that dance every offseason, so if he's not helping a contender win a title, then who is excited about rostering him? 

At the same time, you can't exactly put the guy who has won the last two MVPs with Ryan Tannehill or Matt Ryan, can you? 

Rodgers stands out as a guy who is much better in two-quarterback leagues, it's hard to imagine he won't at least be a great QB2, and as a guy who it's hard to doubt. But he's tiered behind Tom Brady, because Brady still has Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Julio Jones, and Russell Gage. In other words, Brady could be a top-three quarterback and help a contender win a title. Brady was traded in our staff Dynasty league for a first-round pick in our 2022 draft. While it felt like an overpay for a quarterback on the wrong side of 40, that team did win the title so I doubt they care. 

It's hard to imagine Rodgers having that type of season with this type of receiving corps, which is why he's below Brady in the tiers below. Let's see if he can prove me wrong again.

Here are my updated Dynasty QB tiers: