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Pirates star Andrew McCutchen was forced to leave Sunday's game with what at the time was believed to be a muscle issue -- possibly his oblique. As it turns out, though, the Pirates released a statement Tuesday saying that McCutchen actually has "an avulsion fracture involving the costochondral cartilage of the left 11th rib."

So it's at least possible that this is what injured McCutchen:

That was clearly in retaliation for this, which I believe was an obvious accident:

So I guess the "eye for an eye" people will be satisfied, but I fail to understand why an accident demands retaliatory action. And now the National League pennant race has been compromised with this archaic and, frankly, childish mindset. Congratulations, Diamondbacks, you've finally found a way to relevantly impact the 2014 season.

I would expect Major League Baseball to come down hard here on Randall Delgado (the Arizona pitcher who plunked McCutchen) and manager Kirk Gibson. This kind of practice is dangerous (what if the pitch got away from Delgado and hit McCutchen in the head?) and cannot possibly be condoned.

As for a "replacement" for the NL MVP, the Pirates have activated Starling Marte from the DL. McCutchen isn't going on the DL just yet, in case he has a miraculously quick recovery, and instead Pedro Alvarez was placed on the bereavement list.