On Thursday, the Houston Astros held a press conference to publicly apologize for and address the sign-stealing investigation that ended with multiple punishments for the team. It did not go over well. Fans, other players and the media have questioned the sincerity of their words after a press conference that lead to more questions than answers. 

On Thursday's "Nothing Personal with David Samson" podcast, former Miami Marlins president David Samson called out the Astros fumbled public apology. Laughing, Samson declared Thursday "was like Christmas in February."

He went on to give a beginner class on "team crisis PR," detailing that an opening statement should answer as many questions as possible and everything should be well thought out and rehearsed. The team needs to be on the same page and be knowledgable about the message they are attempting to get across. Samson does not believe the Astros were prepared, and if they were, they certainly didn't show it.

"Is it possible that [Astros owner] Jim Crane is so inexperienced when it comes to addressing the media that he doesn't realize there are certain ways to do it and certain ways not to?" Samson asks.

Next up, you have to take a look at the goals of the press conference, which Samson said should have been "contrition, explanation action."

Jose Altuve and Alex Bregman, who took the podium, seemed to have different goals in mind and Samson said they should not have been up there in the first place after showing no remorse in their words, tone or actions at last month at Astros FanFest.

The two sentences Bregman threw together did not impress Samson who said, "Really? You spent two weeks word smithing that?"

Looking his body language, Samson said Bregman was "not only not comfortable with what he was saying, but he didn't mean what he was saying."

Altuve didn't get a much better grade.

"Altuve comes up and he was terrible. He was terrible! And this was only like the precursor, this was like the appetizer to the main course of incompetence. And in swoops Jim Crane with a 20-ounce filet of public relations disasters."

Crane went back and forth with his stance on whether the sign-stealing impacted the game or not, and he hid behind the commissioner's report on multiple occasions. Crane saying he should not be held accountable for the scandal is "inexcusable," to Samson, who was unimpressed with his overall lack of preparedness.