Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria reportedly in line to be Trump's ambassador to France

Polarizing Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria is reportedly in talks to sell the team, and it appears the buyer has a relation to President Donald Trump. Reports last week indicated that Joshua Kushner -- brother of Ivanka Trump’s husband -- is the prospective buyer

What might Mr. Loria do once he’s no longer involved in Major League Baseball? 

Check this out, from a New York Post article on ambassadorships and President Trump’s chief of staff Reince Priebus: 

So far, Priebus has pushed -- and won signoffs -- for Miami Marlins owner Jeff Loria to head to France, GOP activist Georgette Mosbacher to Luxembourg, financier Lew Eisenberg to Italy and hedge funder Duke Buchan to Spain.

Next United States ambassador to France, Jeffrey Loria? He’s already been given the thumb’s up from the POTUS. This means he’s not just a name bouncing around to be the ambassador of France, but instead the front-runner for the job. 

Aside from baseball, Loria’s background is in the art dealing business. He’s also on the board of directors at Yeshiva University’s law school.

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