MLB 2019 spring training games got underway this week, with the addition of something new: the incorporation of the pitch clock. But Washington Nationals ace Max Scherzer made it clear that he is not a fan.

Earlier this month, the league announced that they were going to roll the 20-second timer out with a three-phase approach for the duration of Cactus League and Grapefruit League games. It's another step commissioner Rob Manfred has taken in order to try and help the pace of play during games. 

Here's Scherzer's complaints about the pitch clock, as told to the Associated Press:

"I know as players that's something that MLB is trying to negotiate. I don't think there's negotiation here. As players, it just shouldn't be in the game. Having a pitch clock, if you have ball-strike implications, that's messing with the fabric of the game. There's no clock in baseball and there's no clock in baseball for a reason."

In Saturday's game against the Houston Astros, the three-time Cy Young winner came close to using the full 20 seconds a few times.

"Now having to actually throw to it, I think it's more of a distraction than anything," Scherzer said. "I get that there are parts of the game that we can clean up and I think that there can be meaningful changes. I'm fundamentally against this."

The pitch clock isn't a strategy intended to shorten the overall length of MLB games, but rather it's supposed to kill the dead time between pitches. A 20-second pitch clock was implemented at the Double-A and Triple-A levels in 2015, and an automatic ball is added to the count each time a pitcher takes too long to begin his delivery.

Although Manfred has said that he is undecided about a pitch clock for the 2019 regular season, the commissioner can unilaterally implement a 20-second pitch clock this year, though he said he hopes to reach an agreement with the Major League Baseball Players Association.

Scherzer -- elected to the MLBPA in November last year -- won't be one to support the pitch clock.

"I'm not going to put my name next to this clock," he said.