PHOTO: Mural at Wrigley Field celebrates ... Comiskey Park?

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As you're no doubt aware, the Cubs this season are celebrating the 100th birthday of Wrigley Field. Part of the festivities include some pretty fetching murals on the exterior walls of the beloved old ballpark. Here's one of them ...

As you see, the mural above purports to be an image of Charles Lindbergh at Wrigley Field. It's not. It's actually Charles Lindbergh at Comiskey Park (!), bygone home of the crosstown White Sox

Here's more from Chicago Now's Floyd Sullivan, who expertly discovered the rather egregious error:

I didn't remember reading anywhere that [Lindbergh] stopped at Wrigley Field. So I looked more closely at the photograph and took a hard look at the rather blurry background.

Arched windows. Not distinct, but definitely there.


After the game I returned home and examined a similar photograph I had considered including in the book. It's from the Chicago History Museum and clearly shows the arched windows in the background of a shot labelled as being photographed at Comiskey Park.

In addition, the facing of the upper deck, under the first row, is clearly that of Comiskey Park. In 1927 the Cubs were still building their new upper deck, and its facing did not resemble that of Comiskey Park.

Do click through and read all of Sullivan's piece. He has more evidence that what you see above is not, in point of fact, Wrigley Field. Not that any more is needed. Above all, it would seem that the Cubs are unwittingly paying homage to the former digs of the White Sox. 

Part of me, however, hopes that this was a calculated and sinister plundering of White Sox history on the part of the Cubs. Civic scandal and all that. First they came for Harry Caray, and now they're coming for Comiskey ... 

(Awkward fist-bump: @Chris_Cwik)

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