Veteran umpire Angel Hernandez doesn't have a good reputation among fans and we can probably loop in the players and managers, too, given his history of quick ejections. Last season, Ian Kinsler suggested Hernandez find another line of work. I'd say after Joe West, Hernandez is probably the umpire fans most know, and that's not a good sign. A good umpire is pretty anonymous and that makes perfect sense: We notice when you mess up or make the game about you. 

Hernandez didn't have any issues with players or managers in ALDS Game 3 between the Red Sox and Yankees, but he did grab the spotlight unwittingly. He had three calls of his at first base overturned by replay in the first four innings. 

Here's the first one: 

Here's the next: 

The third one was blatant. It honestly felt like the fastest overturned call I've seen in a long time. Almost immediately after they put on the headset, they were taking it off and changing the call. 

That's a rough night and it was only through the fourth inning. You might be wondering how often this happens to Hernandez. Well, he's about "middle of the pack" in terms of how many of his calls are challenged compared to other umpires, per Mark Simon of Sports Info Solutions. The rate of overturns, though:

Being an umpire is hard, but Hernandez could stand to be a lot better in doing it.