The pillbox hat, mustache atop Cincinnati building are coming down

Despite some weather concerns, the All-Star Game festivities went off without a hitch in Cincinnati earlier this week. The Home Run Derby and the game itself were both a blast.

As part of the buildup to the All-Star Game, a Mr. Redlegs style pillbox hat and mustache were installed atop the Scripps Center, a 36-story skyscraper in down Cincinnati overlooking the Great American Ball Park. You can see it here:

The pillbox hat and mustache on the Scripps Center are being taken down.
The pillbox hat and mustache on the Scripps Center are being taken down. (Matt Snyder/EOB)

It was a fun little touch to honor of the All-Star Game, and it was immensely popular with the locals. Unfortunately, the pillbox hat and mustache are coming down now that the Midsummer Classic is over. Syndey Murray of the Cincinnati Enquirer breaks the news:

The hat and mustache are scheduled to be taken down later this month, although (Adam Mayerson, asset management associate with Mayerson Co.) said it is entertaining different options for when it might come down, especially because it is a group decision.

"It is the Scripps Center, so they do have a say in what is on the building and things like that," Mayerson said.

It will end up costing about $100,000 for install and removal from the Scripps Center, he said.

Two local radio personalties started a petition to keep the pillbox hat and mustache atop the Scripps Center permanently, but it's not that simple. The hat and mustache were designed to be temporary, so even if they were left up, the vinyl wouldn't survive the winter according to Murray.

"We love that the community loves it as much as we loved getting it up there," Mayerson said. It's definitely a wonderful look, especially since the tower overlooks the ballpark, but I think something like this would lose its appeal if it was left up permanently. I say break it out again the next time the Reds are in the World Series.

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