A child was struck in the face with a foul ball in Yankee Stadium during Wednesday's game between the Twins and Yankees. At this time, we don't really know the condition of the girl, aside from the Yankees' statement that she was taken to a local hospital

What we do know is that the players really don't want to see anyone harmed as a result of them simply trying to do their job. Just look at the reactions of Todd Frazier and a few others. 

Matt Holliday appeared to be crying. 

I don't blame them. This is awful. 

After the game, the players' minds were still on the young fan. 

Frazier's point is surely where most of us go. You just picture seeing your own child going through that and realize that's now a reality for someone. Take note of the players talking about extended netting and it's easy to see this will continue to be a hot-button issue with the players until it's extended further down the baselines.