Game 4 of the NBA Finals was predicted by many to be the completion of a sweep. The Warriors were going to easily defeat the Cavaliers and clinch their second title in three seasons. However, the game was anything but clean with crazy moments being followed up with even more absurd moments. Here's five of those crazy moments.

Draymond Green ejected but not ejected

Early in Game 4, Draymond Green committed a personal foul and received what appeared to be a technical foul. Everything moved on after that with the assumption that Green had a tech on his name. Which is why there was a lot of confusion in the latter half of the game when Green got his "second" technical foul but wasn't ejected. 

The crowd was told Green had been ejected. The score sheet itself said that he should have been ejected. Green was, in the minds of everybody watching, ejected from the game -- only to see everything flip the other way almost instantly. As it turns out, the first technical foul on Green had actually been on Warriors coach Steve Kerr and somewhere in the process there was a miscommunication that led to the tech being given to Green.

Comments from Green and the referees add up with this line of events, but deep down there's a suspicion that the refs didn't want to eject Green after realizing he already had a tech. So they quickly altered their first tech and gave it to Kerr to keep Green in the game. Did this actually happen? Probably not, but it's fun to think about.

Zaza Pachulia punch

Almost right after the Green ejection that wasn't, a loose ball on the floor led to a rugby-style scrum for the ball. Amid the fight for it was Iman Shumpert and Zaza Pachulia. Shumpert was standing over Pachulia while the fight for the ball was taking place and this is when he had the great idea to deliver a punch to Shumpert's groin.

Video caught Pachulia in the act, and it was played in the arena, but he somehow didn't get ejected from the game. Instead, both he and Shumpert were given technical fouls for the arguing that happened afterward. On any other night, this would be the leading talking point, but Game 4 was just that wild.

LeBron James goes glass

James has been so incredible for so long that it feels like there isn't anything new he can do. What more can a player who has accomplished so much do that's fresh and new? Nothing. The only thing James has left is to make what he's already good at look even more amazing, and that's what he did in Game 4.

On a drive to the rim James leapt into the air for a pass, but found his lanes closed off by defenders. To avoid a travel, James did the unbelievable and threw a lob to himself off the glass during the NBA Finals. This wasn't a regular-season game against the Nets. No, it was down 3-0 in his own building against arguably the best team ever and he's going off glass.

That he had the presence of mind to do this while in the air is stunning enough. That he's able to do it all is incredible. This is a dunk that will on replay for decades.

Dahntay Jones got a tech???

The Cavaliers signed Dahntay Jones late in the season to provide a veteran presence in the locker room. He has played only in garbage time and his role is clearly a locker-room one. Yet he found a way to put himself in Game 4 despite spending most of it on the bench.

Jones started talking trash with Kevin Durant from the bench. Somehow a player who has hardly played the entirety of the playoffs earned a technical foul.

The tech happened early on and should have been an indicator for how the rest of the game was going to go.

J.R. Smith hit a shot from Columbus

J.R. Smith is known for insane shooting, but even he exceeded expectations in a wild Game 4. With the shot clock winding down, Smith caught a kickout pass way beyond the arc and heaved it. The basket was the size of Lake Erie for Cleveland on Friday, so of course it went in, but seeing him nail one from the logo was still pretty dang cool.

That was beyond downtown, and it perfectly set the tone for the type of shooting everybody would be seeing. It was also merely the beginning of one of the wildest NBA Finals games in recent memory.

Game 4 had highlights, fights, hits to the groin, and rejected ejections. Maybe it wasn't the closest game ever, but the sheer absurdity of everything more than made up for it.