The NBA All-Star Game is scheduled for March 7 and the usually fan-packed, action-filled weekend will look a lot different due to the coronavirus pandemic. The starters were announced in February, with Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James and Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant were named captains as the leading vote-getters in each conference. 

Now that fans know the players who will take the court, they have been curious about what jerseys they will be wearing. While players used to wear jerseys representing their own team, now they wear designated All-Star ones.

Take a look at an apparent leak of what they look like:

The jerseys are yellow and blue, with the player's number in a circle on the front. I'm sure the design team spent many hours going over the best look for this year, but these just aren't my favorite. The colors match the Indiana Pacers because the game was originally scheduled to take place in Indianapolis. The game was instead moved to Atlanta after it was originally cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

The "All-Star" font looks like it's trying to be old school without having the ease and swag of the typical throwback look. The number in the circle reminds me of when your teacher would grade a test and circle how many points you got at the top and something about the combination of each element makes the jersey look like a cheap knock-off.  

NBA's online store is already selling gear that resembles the possible leaked jerseys, and shows the player's name on the front of the t-shirt above the circled number in small letters.