Carlos Boozer says he has 'adjusted' to fewer minutes with Bulls

Carlos Boozer isn't thrilled with his recent minutes. (USATSI)
Carlos Boozer isn't thrilled with his recent minutes. (USATSI)

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Chicago Bulls forward Carlos Boozer has seen his minutes slip this season. First it was seeing his fourth quarter minutes dip as Tom Thibodeau elected to go with Taj Gibson, something he has done over the years due to Gibson's defense. But the Chicago Tribune notes that Wednesday, Boozer played only 24 minutes, the entire first and third quarters and no more for the ninth consecutive time vs. the Timberwolves.

Boozer admits that the situation is frustrating but isn't going to make a problem for his teammates headed into the playoffs.

"I've just adjusted," he said. "I'm doing whatever I can to help my team in the minutes I'm out there. I'm being a team player. It's all about winning. You make sacrifices for the betterment of the group. That's what we're all doing.

"Each night, there are different challenges depending on matchups and how often you touch the ball because that varies. But the intensity is always there. The passion is always there. Playing hard to win is always there. The numbers may vary, but the winning part is always there."

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This is actually pretty indicative of Boozer's professionalism. It was one thing to complain about it months ago. But the Bulls are a week away from the playoffs with a real chance to make some noise. There's no reason to complain now. Boozer also told reporters he's not concerned with whether the Bulls will use the amnesty provision to waive him this summer.

Boozer is a talented power forward whose defensive struggles are real but whose effort and basketball IQ are also substantial. He's just no longer as big a part of what makes the Bulls go.

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