NBA Power Rankings: Dishing out final evaluations for the season

by | NBA Writer

We've come to the end of another long season, friends.

As the 2014 regular season winds down, there's much discussion on the Internet about how this season wasn't that bad. That there's a lot for which to be excited. That this year was great if you look at it the right way.

Very little of that is true. It's a little true. But not most of it.

Everyone was injured. Very few people were traded. The best teams were never elite, outside of the San Antonio Spurs, which is like if the only elite organization in the world was the IRS. Most of the big-name matchups were ruined by injuries. Several teams that should have been good were terrible. Some of the compelling teams were downright horrendous.

And that's OK. Not every year in every sport is good. We've had some great ones over the past five years. They can't all be diamonds.

But as we reach the end of this one, when you ask, 'What did we learn?' the answers are rare. The Heat are about where we thought they would be. The Pacers are, too, if you balance out how bad they were the last month and a half and how great they were the first three months. The Thunder are still awesome. Dwight Howard going to Houston may not win him a title -- and yet may have still been a career-saving move for him.

The surprises were the Sunsand Trail Blazers on the good side, the Pistons and Knicks on the bad. New York was eliminated from playoff contention over the weekend and they symbolize this season more than anything. A 57-win team with big names and a big market that found itself wrapped in its own failures, with no way to get out of it.

The good news for this season? It's over, and the second season, which promises a lot of thrills, compelling matchups, and genuine intrigue, is just getting started. Maybe this season wasn't as great as it could have been. But maybe it'll wind up giving us what we want in the playoffs anyway.

This is the last week of Power Rankings for the season and as such, these do not reflect last week's rankings. They aren't a continuation of the last week of play reflective of season-long performance with an emphasis on recent success or failure. This is a ranking of how much relative power these teams had over the course of the season, a final evaluation, if you will.

And with that, here are this week's Power Rankings.


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