NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Cleveland Cavaliers
David Richard / USA TODAY Sports

Even at 35 years old, LeBron James continues to be one of the NBA's premier attractions. James puts up MVP-type numbers, but perhaps the superstar forward doesn't have the strictest diet.

In a recent interview with The Athletic, Cleveland Cavaliers center Tristan Thompson revealed that James doesn't actually hold back when it comes to what he likes to eat.

"He has the worst f---ing diet ever," Thompson told Joe Vardon and Jason Lloyd of The Athletic. "Ask him what he eats for breakfast. He has like five (pieces of) french toast, drowns it in syrup with strawberries and bananas. Then he has like a four-egg omelet and then he goes and just f---ing dunks on somebody. It doesn't make sense.

"He eats desserts with every meal. He'll come with his one-week diet, vegan crap, but he literally eats like it doesn't make sense. He's really a specimen. He eats like shit."

James does spend seven figures a year to help keep himself in the best shape possible and it sounds like he works out a great deal of the calories off. However, Thompson laid out that James eats quite a few sugary items throughout the day.

"I started gaining weight and said, 'F--- this,'" Thompson added. "I mean, it works for him. He loves sweets. He eats desserts and French toast. It's crazy how his body just burns it."

James and Thompson played four seasons together from 2014 to 2018 until James left the Cavaliers to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers. The two helped Cleveland win an NBA title in 2016 as the Cavaliers erased a 3-1 deficit against the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals.

Even in his 17th NBA season, James still manages to average 25.0 points, 10.8 assists, and 7.8 rebounds per game while shooting 34.5 percent from beyond the arc. The star forward currently is leading the Lakers a tremendous one-two punch with Anthony Davis and the team is currently in the top spot in the Western Conference with a 41-12 record.

Considering the amount of workouts that James likely has throughout the course of a day, it's not surprising that he can splurge a bit because he has the ability to burn a large amount of the calories off. However, it's hard to believe that James can so regularly have a cheat day and still be in tip-top shape.