The Cavaliers last played May 7 when they completed a sweep of the Raptors. Since then they've been basketball free with the Celtics and Wizards series going a full seven games. Surely Cleveland enjoys the extra rest that comes with dominating the playoffs, but at some point it's tiresome sitting around waiting to play.

Tyronn Lue expressed as much when speaking to the media. He said the Cavs are growing "anxious" amid their long wait between series. That's to be expected for NBA teams who are used to playing two to three times a week with maybe a three-day break in between. Not a full week and then some.

"I know our team is anxious to play," Lue said. "(Kyle) Korver and LeBron, those guys are talking about it. So our guys are just anxious to play and ready to go out there."


Typically LeBron James doesn't have to wait this long between playing, but he is not the type of player that people expect to get rusty between breaks. He has logged a lot of minutes on those legs and letting Boston and Washington beat up on each other before he has to play one of them probably isn't an issue.

It's expected for Cleveland to get a little tired of waiting in between series. With the conference finals not starting until Wednesday at the earliest it will be a full 10 days before Cleveland plays basketball again. Any team, even the Cavaliers, would be tired of waiting after that long.