It's been a few months since Kevin Durant done goofed and sent a couple of tweets that sent the NBA world into an uproar. In those tweets, which were sent (and quickly deleted) from Durant's own account, KD criticized his former team (the Oklahoma City Thunder) and coach (Billy Donovan) in response to a fan asking why he left OKC.

Here's a refresher:


Durant swiftly owned up to sending the tweets and apologized, saying he was embarrassed. The basketball world teased him an appropriate amount before deciding to move on to the next storyline in the circus that is the NBA.

One thing Durant never addressed, though, was whether or not he actually meant to send the tweets from his own verified account. Because the Warriors star referred to himself in third-person, many theorized that Durant used burner accounts to defend himself on social media and, in this particular instance, simply forgot to log out of his account while responding. 

Well, in a new profile of Durant from GQ this week, we finally got an answer. Whether it's the truth or not, that's for you to decide. Here's what Durant told the author of the feature, Zach Baron: 

The Internet was alive with a gleeful debate about whether Durant had a second, secret Twitter account. That wasn't the case, he told me. He did write the posts, but on his own account, he said. He described it as a dissociative episode: He woke up from a nap, and "it just felt like I was on the outside looking in at a conversation. I had to walk in and just be like, 'Nah.'" Either way, he appeared thin-skinned and a bit disingenuous, inexplicably absorbed in criticism during the pinnacle of his professional life. Even worse was what he'd actually said in the posts: After a year of maintaining a scrupulous, respectful silence about his old coach and his old team, he'd finally let slip what seemed to be the truth about his feelings regarding the Oklahoma City Thunder.

TL;DR: Durant wasn't trying to send the tweets from a burner account, he just woke up from a nap and fired them off in a haze.

That's certainly an interesting explanation, but -- if he's telling the truth -- I kind of get it. I've woken up from a sleep and responded to texts and/or tweets, only to realize hours later If that I wasn't totally conscious and present while sending them. 

However, I don't think any of those responses have ever been delivered in third-person, which is still the most curious part of this whole thing. Durant doesn't exactly offer an explanation for it, other than feeling like he was on the "outside looking in" at the exchange.

If Durant truly doesn't possess burner accounts, maybe he possesses multiple personalities. Luckily for him, the NBA can never have too many personalities.