Lakers' other Steve, Steve Blake, could be back Tuesday

The Lakers have missed this face. (Getty Images)

Watching the Mike D'Antoni system being run by Darius Morris and Chris Duhon is like watching Glen Davis and Darko Milicic run the triangle out of the post. It's just going to be a lot of awkwardness from two guys who don't have the ideal skill set for the system.

The Lakers are familiarizing themselves with Mike D'Antoni and their teammates within the new construct of the offense while they wait for Steve Nash and Steve Blake. And mainly, it's waiting for Nash to come back to the system that he was so successful with in Phoenix, as he turned an All-Star caliber career into a Hall of Fame career. With the news that Nash isn't even jogging yet, the Lakers are more likely to bring Blake back to the fold as they wait for their starting point guard to return.

From Mark Medina at the Los Angeles Daily News:

Assuming Steve Blake successfully goes through practice on Monday, Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni said he will return when the team hosts the Indiana Pacers on Tuesday.

Blake has had a tough season so far. He had a run-in with a very important fan sitting courtside a couple of weeks ago, and he has been out for the last five games with a lower abdominal strain. But the anticipation is high for D'Antoni to get Blake running his system.

D'Antoni revealed in his introductory press conference that he has been trying to get Blake on his teams for the past decade, believing he'd shine as the backup point guard in this up-tempo system. With Blake's ability to shoot the ball from 3-point range (career 38.7 percent 3-point shooter), he should be a fantastic option to spread the floor and allow the Lakers plenty of room to operate. He's also an above-average-passing point guard, meaning he should be able to push the tempo and get teammates the ball in a position to get off a good shot.

If Blake can provide some relief to the Lakers' point-guard position and allow them to play the game that D'Antoni is dying to have them play, it could really bridge the gap between now and Nash's return. 

It might not be the Steve whom the Lakers are most hoping to get back right now, but it's the Steve whom they could really use during this transition period.

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