Many people expect Kevin Durant to end up with the New York Knicks in 2020: Las Vegas oddsmakers, his Golden State Warriors teammates and now... Houston Rockets fans.

During Golden State's Game 4 loss in the Western Conference Semifinals on Monday night, fans in Houston had fun at Durant's expense, yelling "New York Knicks" at the potential free agent-to-be at various points throughout the contest.

The chants were heard over the broadcast at multiple points, notably when Durant was in-bounding the ball and preparing for free throws.

To his credit, Durant did not seem fazed. He dropped 34 points in the loss. But it's still some Grade-A trolling from Houston, especially considering the series now swings back to the West Coast for Game 5. It also solidifies one thing: There isn't a bigger foregone conclusion around the NBA than Kevin Durant ditching the Warriors -- and possibly cashing in with the Knicks -- this offseason.