If you want youth, size, production and expertise on spitting rhymes, Marvin Bagley III is your man in the 2018 NBA Draft.

Hours before he figures to come off the board as a top-five pick after just one season at Duke, the 6-foot-11 power forward dropped his own rap, "Thoughts in the A," through Bleacher Report. And the instant takeaway should be that Bagley will bring not only tantalizing upside but professional lyrics to the NBA -- a last-minute revelation that makes him even more marketable in the lead-up to his basketball career.

Any time a pro athlete dips their toes into the waters of the entertainment industry, we tend to get lost in self-created hoopla, talking up part-time artists like Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Cole Beasley or Los Angeles Lakers (and/or Big Baller Brand) point guard Lonzo Ball.

But Bagley's debut is not short on anything that makes a rap track hot -- production value, wordplay, delivery. Most big names get their stuff touted simply because they're big names, but this is a kid who's still just 19, has yet to take an NBA court and yet, with "Thoughts in the A," has already topped -- in every way possible -- whatever it is Ball was trying to do with that diss track aimed at his own teammate.

"Shootin' in my zone," Bagley raps, "hit a three and leave 'em all soak ... my flow so clean -- you the opposite, with no soap."

Yeah, this guy's on his way.