The Los Angeles Lakers hit it big in the 2017 NBA Draft last summer, picking up Lonzo Ball and Kyle Kuzma in the first round. Each of the two players was named to an All-Rookie team, with Kuzma making the First-Team and Ball making the Second-Team. The two figure to be a big part of the Lakers' core moving forward, and a friendly rivalry has already developed between them. 

Along with other members of the young Lakers, they're constantly cracking jokes about one another on social media. But now, Ball has taken things to another level by releasing an actual diss track about his fellow rookie. Titled, "Kylie Kuzma," the track is legit, and is even available on iTunes and everything. 

Ball is no stranger to music, and has showcased his rapping abilities before. And honestly, this track is pretty impressive. He's not Pusha-T or anything, but in terms of athletes, Ball is right up there with his musical abilities. 

But as for whether or not dropping a diss track on your teammate is something you should do, that's another story. To be honest, it's actually a pretty funny idea. The actual content, though, is where it gets a little hazy. First of all, titling the song "Kylie Kuzma" is problematic. It simply isn't funny and is also misogynistic. 

Also, Ball has a line in the song making fun of Kuzma for not knowing who his father is, which just doesn't seem necessary. Sure, diss tracks are supposed to be disrespectful, but this isn't actual rap; he didn't have to make this song. Maybe it won't be a big deal to Kuzma, but at least from the outside it just seems crossing that line isn't necessary.