The Boston Celtics were eliminated by the Milwaukee Bucks on Wednesday, bringing their tumultuous season to a merciful end. This team was just flat out unhappy all year. Without being inside the locker room, it's hard to pinpoint the root of the discontent, but they just never figured out how to blend all their talent and Kyrie Irving's incessant negativity and less-than-subtle digs at his teammates couldn't have helped. After the loss, Terry Rozier had no interest in keeping his frustrations bottled. 

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Does Rozier have any interest in returning to the Celtics next season?

Rozier is a restricted free agent this summer, so whether he comes back to Boston isn't entirely up to him. If some other team offers him a contract, the Celtics have the right to match the deal and retain him. It's but one more storyline to watch in what is going to be a fascinating Celtics summer.