As we all know, scoring in the NBA has never really been a problem. It has the most points of any major pro sports league by far, and as players have gotten better, scoring has only gone up. However, will fans ever tire of the ridiculous scoring clip that the NBA has produced so far this season, and if so, can the league do anything to curb that scoring, if only a little?

It's still crazy early in the NBA season, so we don't have a good sample size. However, so far, five NBA teams are averaging over 120 points per game, while 21 are averaging 110 or more. Only the Celtics are under 100 points per game right now. The Pelicans are leading the way at 132 points per game, a number that's inflated by a 149-point game against the Kings. This is caused by better scorers, a ton of 3-point shooting, and plenty of free throws (while the Kings and Pelicans are the top two teams in the league in pace to start the season).

On Wednesday's "Off the Bench" podcast, Danny Kanell and Raja Bell are joined by's James Herbert to talk about the insane scoring we've had early in the season. They wonder if fans will start to be bored by the crazy scoring we're seeing in NBA, and if the NBA will try to decrease the point totals we see in these games.

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