When Hurricane Florence made landfall in North Carolina last week, bringing with it devastating winds and rain, the Charlotte Hornets were among the first groups to step up and take charge of the recovery effort. Team owner Michael Jordan announced that the team would be partnering with local organizations to begin relief efforts. In addition, Jordan recently announced that he himself would be donating $2 million to the cause. 

Now, other members of the NBA family are stepping up as well. The WarriorsSteph Curry, the RocketsChris Paul and the WizardsJohn Wall, all of whom are North Carolina natives, announced on Thursday that they've joined together to start raising funds for victims. Paul started off the fundraising with $25,000, a donation which was matched by the NBA Players Association. (Paul is currently the president of the NBPA.) 

The worst of the actual storm from Hurricane Florence has passed, but communities up and down the East Coast from Virginia to South Carolina are still dealing with massive floods. Sadly, 37 people have lost their lives due to the storm, while thousands more have seen their homes and livelihoods destroyed. 

Just as was the case with the Hornets, it's impressive to see this trio of stars represent the NBA well and step up to do what they can to help those in need.