The Knicks have been through one of the most tumultuous seasons in franchise history -- the fact that it’s not the most tumultuous is really saying something.

It looks like one of the most prominent storylines of the Knicks’ season -- whether or not they would trade Carmelo Anthony -- is finally reaching a conclusion. According to Adrian Wojnarowski and Chris Mannix of The Vertical, the ship has sailed on any Carmelo trade talk, and the All-Star forward is expected to remain with the Knicks. Wojnarowski discusses Carmelo at the 6:17 mark of the clip below.

“The Knicks have not brought anything to his [Anthony’s] group that would inspire them to really want to waive this no-trade clause,” Wojnarowski said. “Most of the teams who had interest in him are looking in other directions right now and expect Melo to remain in New York, at least for the rest of this season.”

So it appears Anthony will remain a Knick, at least for now. This was really the expected outcome given Anthony’s ability to scrap potential trades with his no-trade clause, combined with the fact that many of the teams reportedly interested (Clippers, Cavs, Bulls) simply didn’t have enough assets to make the Knicks a reasonable offer.

Everybody loves trades, so it’s kind of a letdown to see Melo stay in New York. But on the plus side, we get to watch the Phil Jackson-Carmelo Anthony drama unfold at least through the end of the season.