Paul Pierce is nearing the end of his playing career.  (USATSI)
Pierce: 'I think I still have a lot left to give this game.' (USATSI)

Washington Wizards forward Paul Pierce is in his 17th season, and the 37-year-old is thinking about his post-playing days. He said he'd like to talk to Boston Celtics president Danny Ainge about his future this coming summer, and that he and ex-teammate Kevin Garnett recently discussed the possibility of going into coaching, via Steve Bulpett of the Boston Herald

“I’ll probably go up there this summer after the season and talk to Danny (Ainge, the C’s president of basketball operations), talk to Wyc (Grousbeck, a co-owner), you know, see what opportunities may open when I’m done,” Pierce told the Herald.

“I haven’t had any talks with them about that,” Pierce said, “but, you know, I go up there every summer. I went up there last summer and went to the practice facility. Danny wasn’t there, but hopefully I’ll get to spend some time with him next summer. Who knows? I like to keep my relationships open, especially with the guys in Boston — Wyc, Danny. I may have some business opportunities up there this summer also.”

“I’m not sure, man. I like to keep my options open,” Pierce said. “Coaching could be in my future. I think I still have a lot left to give this game. I always find myself talking to the guys. When we’re going through scouting, I’m giving out pointers. A lot of the assistants say, ‘Man, you’ve got a lot to give this game after you’re done.’ So whether it’s coaching or being a general manager, it’s something I think about. I think it’s something that Kevin (Garnett, his former C’s and Nets teammate) has even thought about. Me and him talked about it. I think he would enjoy coaching. You know, Kevin likes to teach.”

Pierce laughed when doubt was expressed as to whether Garnett would take to the regular media requirements that come with being an NBA coach, meaning he might be better suited to assistant duties.

“But, you know, you’re getting older,” Pierce said. “Me and him had a chance to spend some time together on Christmas Eve. We had a good talk about that and a lot of things.”

The mental image of Coach Garnett is enough to make me smile for the rest of the day, but I'll believe it when I see it. A certain former Celtic did once exclaim, 'Anything is possible!' and we've already seen Coach Sheed.

Pierce and Garnett have been competing at this level for the better part of two decades, so it makes sense that the two of them have talked about what's next. A return to the Boston organization, where they won a title, seems natural. Pierce spent 15 seasons there, and he clearly has no hard feelings for the franchise