Immediately after his son Lonzo was drafted No. 2 overall by the Los Angeles Lakers this past June, LaVar Ball offered a bold prediction: The Lakers (who went 26-56 last season) will make the playoffs this season.

While most experts (and Vegas sportsbooks) will tell you it's a longshot, a playoff appearance is at least a reasonable goal for the young, inexperienced Lakers. On the debut episode of the CBS Sports Flagrant Two podcast, however, LaVar gave a much loftier prediction to hosts Bill Reiter and Reid Forgrave.

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"I've got a vision for this year," Ball said. "[The Lakers] are gonna win them 50 games, and they gonna get in them playoffs, and the story that's gonna be for L.A. is Steve Kerr versus Luke Walton. That's gonna be a hell of an L.A. story, because he don't want that matchup. Luke know them tendencies, for that type of team. He knows 'em. And then there's another big story that y'all gonna have: The bigmouth father LaVar said his son was better than Steph Curry -- now let's see!

"If they get them suckers in the Western Conference finals, the Lakers are gonna get them. And when they get to the Finals, my son ain't gonna lose."

LaVar went on to explain why the Lakers will have an advantage against the Warriors in a playoff matchup.

"Kerr don't want that. Luke knows all his tendencies. He don't want that matchup," Ball said. "Them other coaches don't know him like that. You see what [Walton] did when Steve Kerr was hurt. They won 30-something games -- that boy was like the head coach of the year. He knows what's going on when it comes to playing that game -- ain't too much you can do. He knows ways to stop that. There's a reason he's working on defense right now. Because he knows the offense is nothing -- that's easy. Once these guys get in their mind that they play defense? Man, you got all this length and speed and guys off the bench that can run -- man, it's gonna be beautiful for the Lakers! It's gonna be beautiful. It's all lined up."

Well, there you have it! The Lakers, who have won 64 games combined over the past three seasons, are going to beat the Warriors, who have won 67 or more games in EACH of those same seasons (207 total) ... and then finish the job by winning the NBA title.

Shoot your shot, LaVar. Shoot your shot.

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