Report: Tracy McGrady to work out with Spurs, Knicks

TMac is working out with the Spurs and Knicks. (Getty Images)

Tracy McGrady was last seen in Texas as a locker-room problem for the Rockets. He could be making a return to the Lone Star State, and if not, there's another familiar location on his radar. 

Yahoo!Sports reports that McGrady is set to workout for the San Antonio Spurs this week, with another meeting planned with New York next week. 

McGrady fits with the Spurs' model on a few fronts. He's a veteran, they like guys who know what they're doing. He fits at a position of need, small forward, with Manu Ginobili playing primarily at the 2 and Kawhi Leonard still green. And he's a quality passer still, able to work in the Spurs' ball-movement-heavy offense. 

But McGrady also has been known to be a problem in terms of ego, even if that that was several years ago. Last year, he played quietly and respectfully for the Hawks, and despite being unable to take on a huge role, still was productive in limited minutes. If his attitude is in line with his age, he could be a good fit.

McGrady was traded to New York in 2010 for his expiring contract in preparation for the Knicks' pursuit of the 2010 free agency class featuring LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, among others. He enjoyed a small revival late that season.

The Knicks' bench is almost entirely made of veterans, with the plan being to build an experienced team behind the superstar core. McGrady could give them good minutes off the bench, and his offensive inefficiency wouldn't be a problem because, well, they're probably not going to be all that efficient to begin with. 

It's been a long fall for McGrady, but it says something that he's still going to work and trying to compete. 

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