Spurs-Lakers Game 4: Lakers without four players, including Nash, MWP

The Lakers are injured. Almost all of them.    (USATSI)
The Lakers are injured. Almost all of them. (USATSI)

And now, for something entirely different, the Lakers have injury issues. 

Oh, and Kobe Bryant as well. And Pau Gasol tore something in his foot two months ago. And Dwight Howard has a torn labrum and is coming off back surgery recovery. 

Earl Clark is fine, though. 

For now. 

Tiago Splitter is out for the game, so that ... does nothing. It does nothing. The Spurs are incredibly, amazingly better than this team without all its components, and there is no hope. Is there a chance? Sure. There's always a chance. 

But, seriously, this thing is done. And it needs to be. The Lakers need to set the remnants of this season on fire, put them in a box and bury them deep, deep within the earth forever. 

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