The San Antonio Spurs announced Saturday that forward/center LaMarcus Aldridge will be out indefinitely due to an occurrence of “minor heart arrhythmia.” 

Essentially, arrhythmia is an irregular heart beat, and anything involving the heart prompts serious precaution from medical staffs. The word “minor” is comforting in that regard, but it leaves open the possibility of further tests showing a more serious problem. Those health concerns have to take precedent over whatever basketball interests, short or long-term, the Spurs might have, but there are basketball impacts as well. 

For starters, the Spurs are already down Kawhi Leonard with a concussion for their could-have-been-a-showdown with the Warriors on Saturday night. The Warriors are resting Stephen Curry, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson while Kevin Durant remains out with his knee injury. Tony Parker is out with a back injury, as is rookie Dejounte Murray. They might as well cancel that game. 

For the longer-term, though, the Spurs’ chances at the No. 1 seed could be in danger. Leonard could be out a few more days as he finishes the NBA concussion protocol, and Aldridge’s absence leaves them very short on firepower. This could be a minor issue that’s resolved in a week, it could be a devastating blow to their core and more importantly a major concern for Aldridge’s long-term health. We’ll have to wait for more information to know what the situation really is, but there are no positives, on or off the court, that come from this news.