VIDEO: Why would Kyle Singler ever jump with DeMar DeRozan?

I can appreciate the fact that Kyle Singler still has personal pride in the job he does even though the Detroit Pistons don't exactly exemplify a similar pride during the second half of the season. But when you see Toronto Raptors' wing DeMar DeRozan with an open lane to the hoop, you're allowed to live to defend another day by not rotating over. I'm not advocating for apathy here by any means; I just think we'd all understand if Singler didn't want to end up on a poster.

DeRozan threw down the monster dunk as the Raptors completed the season sweep of the Pistons with a 116-107 win. Hopefully DeMar autographs the poster for Singler. In fact, there needs to be a boisterous dunker who signs a copy of a poster dunk and sends said poster to each victim of his dunks. Would anybody be opposed to this level of bravado?

CBS Sports Writer

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