It's been awhile since Steve Kerr coached a full NBA season. In Kerr's first season running an NBA sideline, he unleashed Stephen Curry on the world and steered the Warriors to their first title since 1975. The 2014-15 season was the last time Kerr was present on the sidelines for every Golden State game.

Kerr missed a significant amount of time due to rehab from back surgery in his second season in charge of the Warriors. He eventually rejoined the team and lost in the NBA Finals. Kerr again missed time in his third season. While he coached the entire regular season, his back flared up once again, which forced him to miss the majority of the playoffs. He returned for the Finals and helped Golden State win their second title in three seasons.

With Kerr taking leave in each of the past two seasons, there might be concern of him missing even more time this season. However, in an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle, Kerr laid that all to rest immediately. 

"I fully expect to coach all year," Kerr says in a no-nonsense tone. "That's my expectation. And for many years to come."  

Kerr not only made it clear that he'll be coaching this season, but he laid to rest any whispers of his back forcing him into retirement. That said, he's not willing to state he's fully healthy.

"It's all right, it's all right," Kerr, 51, says with a shrug. "I'd love to say that I'm all better, but not the case. I'm feeling better, having a good summer, relaxing. But it's just been an ongoing thing now for two years."  

It sounds like no matter how great Kerr feels there will always be that threat of a back flare-up forcing him out. Luckily for him, the Warriors had no issues in his two stints away from the hardwood. Golden State reached the Finals last season under Mike Brown and went on a historic 24-game winning streak with Luke Walton the season before that.