It's Super Bowl Sunday, and the Patriots are about to compete for another championship, which means you should probably expect some craziness to go down. Last year, the CBS Sports Madden Super Bowl simulation actually predicted one of the craziest games in NFL history for Eagles vs. Patriots, and then Super Bowl LII lived up to the hype. Will we get something similar when the Patriots and Rams meet in Super Bowl LIII? It's going to be another wild Super Bowl, if the 2019 Madden sim is any indication. You can stream the game right here on

Our sim predicts this Super Bowl won't be as close, calling for a 38-31 New England win over the Rams -- but there were multiple opportunities for Jared Goff and Sean McVay to bring time to a full circle and take down the Patriots dynasty. 

First the craziness: the Patriots have delivered on insanity every single year they've been in the Super Bowl with Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. The "worst" Super Bowl involved a fairly boring win over the Eagles for their third Lombardi and even that ended up as a three-point game that featured Terrell Owens piling up yards on a broken leg and Donovan McNabb (allegedly?) vomiting in the huddle on one of the Eagles' final drives. 

They brought it in this one too. On one attempted red zone pass from Brady to Rob Gronkowski, the big tight end had the ball pop up out of his hands ... and right into the hands of Julian Edelman for a touchdown. Because the Patriots need more luck in their lives. 

Everything wasn't entirely perfect for the Patriots -- Brady got destroyed by Ndamukong Suh at one point in this game -- but Brady did pass for 396 yards and three touchdowns. Jared Goff had even gaudier stats, throwing for 470 yards and three scores.

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Unfortunately for the Rams, he was careless with the ball, tossing three picks and fumbling once for a safety. (You can bet on a safety happening at +800 for a prop, for the record.) 

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Two of Goff's interceptions came in the final seven minutes of the game, with his team trailing the Patriots by just a couple of points, 31-28 and looking to secure his place in playoff lore with a game-winning drive against the Patriots. Belichick is great against young quarterbacks over the course of his career, and he was great against Goff, forcing the third-year Rams starter into a pair of interceptions late in this game, one of which turned into the game-sealing touchdown to put the Patriots up 10 points. 

The Rams would add a late field goal and make the game 38-31, but the Patriots hoisted their sixth Lombardi Trophy. 

Friendly reminder: this "Madden" sim has a pretty good history of being accurate, having nailed the Pats-Eagles matchup in terms of craziness and throwing out this incredibly prescient gem two years ago:


Will it be accurate this year? You'll have to wait and see. Fortunately you can watch in real life for free without even owning a television -- just fire up the, the CBS Sports App or CBS All Access to stream the Super Bowl on any device.