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What's bigger: the number of people who will be tuning in for the Big Game, which you can stream right here on, or the number of ways you can enjoy the game? The number of fans who will be watching is probably the right answer, but it's closer than you think.

From anthems to coin flips to two-pointers to safeties to overtime to the MVP and everything in-between, there's an elevated amount of attention paid to on basically every aspect of the last game of the season, the one that will determine who hoists the Lombardi Trophy. What do you need to know about these props? We have you covered.

Below you can find the odds set for the most popular props on Sunday, from Gladys Knight's anthem through the MVP of the game. We'll also give you the picks we like to win each prop, along with some extra insight from SportsLine and CBS Sports. Good luck, and enjoy the game!
National Anthem Props
Odds Provided by Bovada
How long will it take for Gladys Knight to sing national anthem?
Over 1 minute, 47 seconds (-160)
Under 1 minute, 47 seconds (+120)
Expert Analysis: A rendition of Knight performing the anthem in 1991 is available on YouTube, and because it clocked in at a crisp 1:40, we're seeing an extremely low number for this prop. But a lot has changed about the hype surrounding this particular spot each year, and I expect Knight to bring it in front of the home crowd. Anyone that saw her perform at Aretha Franklin's funeral knows she still has her fastball. -- R.J. White
The last time an anthem singer clocked in at less than 1:50 was Kelly Clarkson in Super Bowl XLIV.
Will Gladys Knight forget or omit a word from national anthem?
Yes (+300)
No (-500)
Expert Analysis: Bet yes on this and you are going straight to hell. I'm not even joking: the mere suggestion that the Empress of Soul might not know the words to the Star Spangled Banner is worthy of eternal damnation. This isn't a spot where you're going to see a word omitted for political purposes either. If anything, I'd suggest -500 is pretty good value on "no" except it's just really expensive. -- Will Brinson
Will any scoring drive take less time than it takes Gladys Knight to sing national anthem?
Yes (-145)
No (+105)
Expert Analysis: The Rams had the second-most passing plays of 25-plus yards and we just saw the Chiefs torch the Patriots deep a few times in the second half. In Patriots-Chiefs, there were four scoring drives that took less than 90 seconds. There were three such drives in Rams-Saints. -- Sean Wagner-McGough
The Patriots had 14 scoring drives of 1:45 or less in the regular season. The Rams had 21 such drives.
First Props
Odds Provided by Westgate
Will either team score in first 6 1/2 minutes of the game?
Yes (-150)
No (+130)
Expert Analysis: The Rams scored in the first 6 1/2 minutes of just four games during the regular season and once in the playoffs. The Patriots got there six times during the regular season but did so in neither of their playoff games. I expect these teams to go conservative early, putting nice value on the No bet. -- White
Which team will score first?
Patriots (-120)
Rams (Even)
Expert Analysis: The Patriots are a little bit more expensive, but I actually like their value here for a couple of reasons. One, they're the "away" team here, so they will get to call the coin toss (which is maybe an advantage?). Two, look at what New England has done the last two weeks of the playoffs, getting the ball first, wearing down the opposing defense and leading a lengthy touchdown drive. Bill Belichick might value having the ball second too much in the Super Bowl, but I think he likes trying to eat up clock on a soul-sucking opening drive. Three, the Rams looked sloppy against the Saints early on and the Chiefs looked sloppy agains the Patriots early on. I'll bet on Belichick to confound Jared Goff early. -- Brinson
The Patriots are 12-6 on this prop this season, while the Rams are 9-9.
What will the first score of the game be?
Touchdown (-190)
Any other score (+160)
Expert Analysis: In the regular-season these two teams typically scored touchdowns before field goals, but that hasn't been the case for the Rams in the playoffs. You need better than 66.7 percent odds to take the yes here, and I think Bill Belichick will be a bit more conservative offensively here and trust his defense to give Jared Goff problems. -- White
Player to score first touchdown of game
Sony Michel (+600)
Todd Gurley (+700)
Julian Edelman (+700)
Robert Woods (+1000)
Brandin Cooks (+1000)
James White (+1000)
Rob Gronkowski (+1000)
C.J. Anderson (+1200)
Chris Hogan (+1500)
Philip Dorsett (+1500)
Josh Reynolds (+1800)
Expert Analysis: This is a massive overreaction to Gronk's struggles. Maybe Aqib Talib is on him all game or in the red zone and that could be a difficult matchup. But he is still one of the best red zone targets we've ever seen and he could easily end up in single coverage down near the goal line. If that happens I like his chances to win the battle and come down with the ball. In another year Gronk is much lower on this list (like 4-1 or 5-1). Take the value at 10-1. -- Brinson
Jersey number of first player to score first touchdown
Over 26.5 (-140)
Under 26.5 (+120)
Expert Analysis: It feels like a sucker bet to take the Over. Yes, the Over includes a significantly longer list of players including Todd Gurley, C.J. Anderson, James White, Rex Burkhead and Rob Gronkowski, but the Under has a higher concentration of players with legitimate scoring chances. It starts with Sony Michel, then you tack on Julian Edelman, Brandin Cooks and Robert Woods, then land the Patriots' peripheral receivers in Chris Hogan and Phillip Dorsett plus you get both quarterbacks if one were to run it in AND you pick up cornerbacks with pick-six potential in Stephon Gilmore, Marcus Peters, Aqib Talib and LaMarcus Joyner. You get more quality than quantity with the Under side. -- Richard
A running back hasn't scored in the first quarter of a Super Bowl since Howard Griffith in 1999.
Which team will get first penalty of game?
Patriots (+130)
Rams (-150)
Expert Analysis: The most flags the Patriots have accrued in a game this year came in Pittsburgh. The referee in that game is the same for the Super Bowl: John Parry, who has officiated four of the Pats' 13 double-digit penalty games since he became a referee. -- White
Which team will use coach's challenge first?
Patriots (-102)
Rams (-102)
Expert Analysis: Very tough call here: Bill Belichick and Sean McVay both challenged eight plays this season (Belichick won four, McVay won three). You're basically rolling the dice on who will get hosed by the referees first. If you have to make me pick I'd go Patriots, because Belichick has three (!) challenges through two postseason games already. -- Brinson
Scoring Props
Odds Provided by Westgate
Longest touchdown of game
Over 49.5 yards (-110)
Under 49.5 yards (-110)
Expert Analysis: The Patriots typically move the ball methodically downfield and not load up on splash plays. The Patriots also do a good job of limiting big plays (only nine pass plays and one rush of 40-plus yards allowed on the season, regardless of touchdowns or not). -- Dave Richard
Shortest touchdown of game
Over 1.5 yards (+170)
Under 1.5 yards (-200)
Expert Analysis: Two things are at play here. We've seen one-yard touchdowns in five of the last six Super Bowls, and it could have been six in a row had Pete Carroll just given the ball to Marshawn Lynch. Plus, I think the officials will be on their toes regarding pass interference calls after last week, and that improves the chances a flag is throw in the end zone, setting up an offense for a one-yard plunge. -- White
The Patriots and Rams have combined for 23 one-yard TDs this season, including playoffs.
Total touchdowns by both teams
Over 6.5 (-130)
Under 6.5 (+110)
Expert Analysis: Seven touchdowns implies 49 points scored by the offenses, before we even account for field goals being kicked (four looks like the number they're targeting for those based on the odds), which gets us to 61 total points. So there might not be a ton of value in the over if you believe we get four field goals. Still, I think it's a situation, with these offenses, where we could end up seeing four touchdowns in the fourth quarter alone. I get that these offenses are methodical and they might take it slow out of the gate, but I wouldn't want to be holding the Under on this bet at any time in the second half if we get north of two touchdowns in the first half. -- Brinson
Will there be a special teams or defensive touchdown?
Yes (+190)
No (-240)
Expert Analysis: The Patriots scored four non-offensive touchdowns in the regular season, while the Rams checked in with five, so it would seem like the Yes side has a solid chance of coming in at these odds. But don't forget to consider the other side of the ball as well; thise two teams have given up just one non-offensive TD combined this year. I could see the Pats having a shot at a pick-six, but the smart play is the No here. -- White
Longest made field goal of game
Over 47.5 yards (-110)
Under 47.5 yards (-110)
Expert Analysis: Do I want to fade the guy who just drilled a game-winning 57-yard field goal that would have been good from 70? No, I don't. But teams just don't kick many long field goals in the Super Bowl anymore. There have been just two attempts of at least 48 yards since 2006, and both missed.. -- White
Stephen Gostkowski is 3 of 7 from over 47.5 yards this season, while Greg Zuerlein is 7 of 10.
Will both teams make 33 yard or longer field goals?
Yes (-130)
No (+110)
Expert Analysis: Greg Zuerlein won't be the problem -- he hit a field goal of 33 or more yards in 12 of 13 games he played this season and postseason. Stephen Gostkowski has been a little less reliable, making a 33-plus-yard kick in 11 of 18 games. I'd still take the bet given how efficient the Patriots offense is at manufacturing points. -- Richard
Total field goals made by both teams
Over 3.5 (+100)
Under 3.5 (-120)
Expert Analysis: Both teams finished in the top-10 of most field-goal attempts on the season -- the Rams tried 41, the Patriots tried 32. With the way both offenses move (and both defenses bend), I'd expect at least two field goal attempts per team. I like both teams to make FGs of 33 yards or longer, I'm on the Over here as well. -- Richard
Halftime Props
Odds Provided by Bovada
How many songs will be played during the halftime show?
Over 7.5 (-130)
Under 7.5 (-110)
Expert Analysis: Since The Who performed in 2010, the Super Bowl performers have skewed younger, and this year is no different. Starting in 2011, the only two acts to perform less than eight songs were Bruno Mars (six) and Lady Gaga (seven). Maroon 5, with their wide library of songs and two guest spots, should get to at least eight. -- White
Will Adam Levine be wearing a hat at the start of halftime show?
Yes (+200)
No (-300)
Expert Analysis: Google "Adam Levine Concert" and hit Images and tell me when you find a picture of him wearing a hat on a stage. This is a guy who relishes in his face being seen and people thinking he's handsome while he's prancing around on stage singing whatever songs it is that Maroon 5 sing. This is free money. -- Brinson
What will be first song performed by Maroon 5?
"One More Night" (+550)
"Makes Me Wonder" (Even)
"Sugar" (+900)
"Animals" (+700)
"Girls Like You" (+900)
"Moves Like Jagger" (+600)
"Don't Wanna Know" (+900)
"Payphone" (+1800)
"Maps" (+2200)
"She Will Be Loved" (+2200)
"This Love" (+2000)
Expert Analysis: Justin Timberlake led off with his most recent single last year, and for Maroon 5, that just happens to be their first No. 1 since 2012. 'Girls Like You' also has the benefit of being a softer song that will allow the band to build into the performance. Let's not overthink this one. -- White
While 'Sugar' is one of the betting favorites, the band has been closing with it on their Red Pills Blue Tour.
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Dominate your Fantasy League with our optimal rankings, advice from proven experts, and winning DFS lineups.
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Pats Player Props
Odds Provided by Westgate
Tom Brady passing yards
Player Performance Analysis Powered by SportsLine
Over 300.5 (-110)
Under 300.5 (-110)
Expert Analysis: Over even though this is a really high number for a 41-year-old man's passing yards in a Super Bowl against a Wade Phillips defense. The Patriots would love to run the ball, but recent history tells us that a game between the Patriots could turn into a shootout. Plus, I think Josh McDaniels and Belichick will look at what Alvin Kamara did to the Rams linebackers in the NFC Championship Game to start the first and second halves and just LEAN on James White out of the backfield. Brady is *averaging* 292 yards per game over his last 13 playoff games and has totaled more than 970 yards in his last two Super Bowls. -- Brinson
SportsLine's advanced projection model says Brady will throw for 309 yards, cashing the Over.
Sony Michel rushing yards
Player Performance Analysis Powered by SportsLine
Over 76.5 (-110)
Under 76.5 (-110)
Expert Analysis: Under, although I don't like it a whole lot. Michel is rushing his tail off. But the Patriots change their approach based on the matchup and I'm not sure they'll run Michel straight at Ndamukong Suh and Aaron Donald in this game. If they get a 10-plus point lead then Michel is probably going to pop over this number, and he has 54 carries for 232 yards over the last two games. -- Brinson
SportsLine's proven model says Michel runs for 76 yards, a slight lean to the Over.
Julian Edelman receiving yards
Player Performance Analysis Powered by SportsLine
Over 81.5 (-110)
Under 81.5 (-110)
Expert Analysis: Edelman is now in the 18-plus month recovery period after tearing his ACL back before the 2017 season and he's starting to really improve his performance, just in time for the Patriots Super Bowl run. Tom Brady is leaning on him and I'm not sure the Rams have a good matchup for him in terms of cornerbacks -- Aqib Talib is a stud, but I don't think he's gonna try and shadow Edelman across the middle. Give me the over with Edleman having no less than 69 receiving yards in his last six games and more than 75 in four of those. -- Brinson
SportsLine simulated the Super Bowl 10,000 times and says Edelman has 81 receiving yards.
Rob Gronkowski receiving yards
Player Performance Analysis Powered by SportsLine
Over 56.5 (-110)
Under 56.5 (-120)
Expert Analysis: I've just got a feeling that Gronk summons everything he's got left in the tank (not just for the year but maybe, um, ever) and lays it on the line for this game. He'll be blocking a ton but having Gronk release over the middle gives them a really dangerous option up the seam. -- Brinson
SportsLine's advanced computer model says Gronk has 58 receiving yards.
James White receiving yards
Player Performance Analysis Powered by SportsLine
Over 53.5 (-110)
Under 53.5 (-110)
Expert Analysis: Why is the under juiced here? This feels like it should be a lock -- White could have been Super Bowl MVP two years ago and has three postseason games with 16+ targets in his career, including one game against a Wade Phillips defense. The Rams linebackers are going to be targeted. I like the over in all these passing stats, which means if Sony Michel dominates I might be in a bit of trouble here. -- Brinson
SportsLine's proven computer model says go Over. White has 60 receiving yards.
Rams Player Props
Odds Provided by Westgate
Jared Goff passing yards
Player Performance Analysis Powered by SportsLine
Over 285.5 (-110)
Under 285.5 (-110)
Expert Analysis: Goff averaged 293 yards a game in the regular season, but he's gotten over 280 just twice in their last seven games, and he didn't come anywhere close in the five that missed the mark. Plus, the Patriots have allowed opposing QBs to 280 yards or less in eight straight games heading into the playoffs, and I don't think Goff is on the level of Philip Rivers and Patrick Mahomes.. -- White
SportsLine's advanced computer model says Goff blows past this number with 304 passing yards.
Todd Gurley rushing yards
Player Performance Analysis Powered by SportsLine
Over 63.5 (-110)
Under 63.5 (-110)
Expert Analysis: Even though the Patriots rush defense has been stout in the playoffs, they ranked 29th in yards per carry allowed in the regular season. After C.J. Anderson had a forgettable game last week (16 carries, 44 yards), I think Gurley will return to feature back status after receiving just four carries last week. The Rams need Gurley to shine to give them their best shot at a win. -- White
SportsLine's proven computer model is loving Gurley, saying he runs for 77 yards.
C.J. Anderson rushing yards
Player Performance Analysis Powered by SportsLine
Over 43.5 (-110)
Under 43.5 (-110)
Expert Analysis: Anderson rattled off back-to-back stellar games to close the regular season then rushed for 123 yards against the Cowboys, but he struggled last week with 44 yards on 16 carries. I think the gameplan centers more around Todd Gurley after that performance, and I don't think Anderson sees enough carries to get him Over. -- White
SportsLine's model says C.J. Anderson goes for 54 yards, sailing past the Over.
Brandin Cooks receiving yards
Player Performance Analysis Powered by SportsLine
Over 74.5 (-110)
Under 74.5 (-110)
Expert Analysis: Bill Belichick knows just how dangerous Cooks can be after coaching him for a year, and I think he'll know just how to take him away too. While Cooks racked up 107 yards last week, he hadn't crossed 75 since before Thanksgiving heading into that game. -- White
SportsLine's projection model simulated the game 10,000 times and says Cooks goes for 84 yards.
Robert Woods receiving yards
Player Performance Analysis Powered by SportsLine
Over 70.5 (-110)
Under 70.5 (-110)
Expert Analysis: Woods has seen seven or more targets in seven of his last eight games, and that's the kind of workload he needs to get over this total. I don't expect him to have a massive performance, but he's gotten to 70 yards in 12 of his 18 games, and Goff has hit him with 18 targets in the Rams' two playoff games thus far. -- White
SportsLine's model says Woods crushes the Over with 80 receiving yards.
Remaining Player Props are Locked.
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Versus Props
Odds Provided by Westgate
Who will have more completions?
Tom Brady -2.5 (-110)
Jared Goff +2.5 (-110)
Expert Analysis: Brady had 11 more completions in the regular season, and the disparity has grown in the playoffs, where Brady completed 34 passes in a dominant win over the Chargers and 30 against the Chiefs while Goff had 25 in a comeback win over the Saints last week and 15 against the Cowboys. Even in a game where the Rams are playing catch up, those numbers tell us we could still see Brady outpace Goff in completions 30-25. -- White
Brady has averaged 22.5 completions in regular season starts and 29.4 completions in Super Bowls.
Who will have more gross passing yards?
Tom Brady -12.5 (-110)
Jared Goff +12.5 (-110)
Expert Analysis: If we're taking Brady to have at least three more completions than Goff, we should take him on this prop as well, though Goff averaged 1.3 more yards per completion on the season. I look to the win against the Chargers to see how a Pats blowout, which would be the best case for Goff to rack up garbage-time stats, would look, and Brady still outgained Philip Rivers 343-331. -- White
Who will have more touchdown passes?
Tom Brady PK (-110)
Jared Goff PK (-110)
Expert Analysis: It shouldn't be hard to reconcile the idea that the Patriots will win the game and the Rams will have better offensive stats in terms of passing yards and passing scores. I think there are actually more situations where Goff ends up having to throw frequently because the Patriots have a lead and the Rams are trying to catch up than vice versa. -- Brinson
Who will throw a touchdown first?
Tom Brady (-110)
Jared Goff (-110)
Expert Analysis: I'm of the opinion the Patriots will want the ball early and try to mash clock and crush the Rams defense with their opening drive, and I think there's a good chance Brady might need to hit James White for a swing pass or some such to get the score. I don't know that New England runs the ball right at Aaron Donald and Ndamukong Suh in the red zone. So I'll go Brady here -- the Pats have been fast starters this postseason. -- Brinson
Tom Brady has thrown the first TD in just one of his last six Super Bowls.
Who will throw an interception first?
Tom Brady (Even)
Jared Goff (-120)
Expert Analysis: Both QBs have thrown 13 interceptions this year (including playoffs), but something interesting happens when you look at the splits for each. Brady has thrown just four picks in the first half, while Goff has thrown nine, including one against the Saints in the NFC title game. Throw in the possibility of nerves getting to Goff in his first Super Bowl, and he's the better bet here. -- White
More Game Props
Odds Provided by Westgate
Will the game be tied after 0-0?
Yes (-110)
No (-110)
Expert Analysis: This seems like a pretty random prop, but I think we're getting good value on Yes. There were 16 games between teams that made the playoffs where the spread was three or less, and 10 of those featued a tie after 0-0. Several of the games that didn't in that sample were because of missed extra points, and with two reliable kickers here, that should help the chances of hitting Yes. -- White
Will the Rams score in all four quarters?
Yes (+145)
No (-170)
Expert Analysis: No. That's just hard to do. It's a steep price to pay if you're backing No, but there's also a potential value bet here if you look at the price of the individual quarters. The first quarter line favors No (-120), so you could bet no on all four quarters and bet Yes (-110) on the Rams scoring in the first quarter to offset and hedge the bet. If you think the Rams won't score in every quarter, it's the first quarter that should scare you most. -- Brinson
Will the Patriots score in all four quarters?
Yes (+140)
No (-160)
Expert Analysis: The last time the Patriots didn't score in a quarter was in the fourth at Pittsburgh in Week 15. On the year, the Patriots have scored in every quarter of 11 of 18 games. -- Richard
Will there be a two-point conversion attempt?
Yes (Even)
No (-120)
Expert Analysis: Look, I don't have a statistic backing for this. I just think it will happen. Bill Belichick and Sean McVay are smart coaches, and going for two is often the smart play, even though most coaches are loath to admit that fact. Both teams have good kickers but weird stuff always happens in the Super Bowl so I'm betting there's a missed extra point or a safety or something at some point and it will necessitate somebody going for two. Either that or we'll finally get a team down 14 points late in the game that goes for two in order to maximize its odds of winning in regulation, like the Giants did during the regular season. (They were criticized for it but Pat Shurmur correctly noted the math was on his side.) -- Jared Dubin
There has been a two-point attempt in eight of the last nine Super Bowls.
Will there be a successful two-point conversion?
Yes (+210)
No (-260)
Expert Analysis: I'm with Dubin, and I think the chances of there being a two-point try are better than the current odds suggest. If you believe there's a 50 percent chance to make a try, then you should be looking to play Yes here if you cut the number in half and would take it on the previous prop. I would, and with great offensive minds on each side of the ball in McVay and Josh McDaniels, I think the success rate on a try might be better than 50 percent. -- White
How many different players will have a passing attempt?
Over 2.5 (-110)
Under 2.5 (-110)
Expert Analysis: Basically you need a trick play. The Super Bowl is BUILT for trick plays. It might seem too obvious after we saw four guys attempt a pass during last year's Super Bowl, but I think both offenses set up well for this because of how they use their various players. The Rams are constantly running jet sweeps, and we could see Brandin Cooks or someone stop short and throw downfield. The Patriots have said they're willing to give Brady a chance at catching a ball again after last year's failed effort. -- Brinson
Which team will have more first downs?
Patriots -1.5 (-110)
Rams +1.5 (-110)
Expert Analysis: The Patriots have been much more apt to run the ball down teams' throats in the second half of the year, and that's a trend that should continue against a Rams defense that has struggled stopping the run. That should allow the Patriots to put together some long drives and rack up those first downs, which they also did in their first two games, winning this prop by a wide margin in each. -- White
Which team will have more penalty yards?
Patriots (+135)
Rams (-155)
Expert Analysis: Sure there's probably a geographical conspiracy by the NFL and the refs to help the Rams out, but you do NOT bet on a Bill Belichick team to get more penalty yards. I think if this game is called tightly you could see lots of defensive holding by the Patriots because they want to be rough at the line of scrimmage, but anything on that end should be offset by the Rams messing with Pats receivers downfield (ahem, Nickell Robey-Coleman). -- Brinson
Will there be a safety?
Yes (+600)
No (-900)
Expert Analysis: This is a fun one to take a shot on the Yes, as it's hit in nine of 52 Super Bowls, including three in a row from 2012-14. But since there are such a low rate of games with a safety overall in this era, and because these are two teams with elite offensive lines that likely won't draw holding calls in the end zone, the No makes the most sense. -- White
There were just 10 safeties in 256 regular season games in 2018 (3.9 percent).
Total QB sacks by both teams
Over 3.5 (-130)
Under 3.5 (+110)
Expert Analysis: These are two of the best pass-blocking offensive lines in the league, with the Patriots ranking first in adjusted sack rate and the Rams sixth, per Football Outsiders. Both defensive units are in the bottom half of the league in the same stat. I'm not sure the Rams sack Brady at all, and I don't trust the Pats to get to Goff four times, so I think the Under is a nice valule here. -- White
Total interceptions by both teams
Over 1.5 (+130)
Under 1.5 (-150)
Expert Analysis: These aren't two great defenses, but these are two opportunistic defenses. Tom Brady isn't scared to throw a pick in the playoffs -- he has 20 games with an interception and 19 without one -- and Jared Goff is a young quarterback going against Bill Belichick's defense. I like the over getting plus money here. -- Brinson
Total fumbles lost by both teams
Over 1.5 (+180)
Under 1.5 (-220)
Expert Analysis: These two teams lost just seven fumbles each in 18 games this season, which doesn't even work out to an average of one lost fumble per game combined. If you look at total fumbles (lost and recovered), these offenses combined for 28 in the regular season. We'd have to get some funky bounces for the Yes to hit here. -- White
Late Game Props
Odds Provided by Westgate
Will there be a lead change in the fourth quarter?
Yes (+210)
No (-260)
Expert Analysis: What? We just assume this game will be owned by the same team in the fourth quarter? Have you watched the Patriots Super Bowls at all? Give me the drama that is likely to unfold. The last three Pats Super Bowls all had lead changes either in the fourth quarter (Eagles, Seahawks) or overtime (Falcons). I'm a little surprised at this number, to be honest. I get New England could be leading and run the clock out but at +200 or more this is just good value considering the way things have gone in the past for the Patriots. -- Brinson
Will either team score in final 3 1/2 minutes of game?
Yes (-170)
No (+145)
Expert Analysis: Since the first Patriots-Giants Super Bowl, the only time this hasn't hit was in the Seahawks' 43-8 rout of the Broncos in 2014. And considering this is shaping up to be the Super Bowl with the highest over/under ever, we have an even better chance of seeing points late in the game. -- White
There has been a score in the final 3:30 in eight of 10 playoff games this year.
Which team will score last?
Patriots (-120)
Rams (Even)
Expert Analysis: Our Madden sim has the Patriots winning but the Rams scoring last. I'm picking the Patriots to win the Super Bowl, but I don't trust them to just blow out the Rams and end up in a situation where the Rams are scoring garbage time points. Los Angeles is too good for that. I think the Patriots will need a late score and I'd rather trust Tom Brady to punch one in here than Jared Goff. -- Brinson
Player to score last touchdown of game
Sony Michel (+700)
Todd Gurley (+700)
Julian Edelman (+800)
Brandin Cooks (+1000)
Robert Woods (+1000)
C.J. Anderson (+1000)
James White (+1000)
Rob Gronkowski (+1200)
Chris Hogan (+1500)
Rex Burkhead (+1500)
Philip Dorsett (+1800)
Josh Reynolds (+1800)
Expert Analysis: My theory on the game is that the Patriots will have it in hand in the fourth quarter, and the Rams will end up getting the last TD in relative garbage time. If that's the case, the odds for their receivers to get the last TD look like great value. Cooks, Woods and Reynolds all scored 5-6 TDs during the regular season, but Reynolds is getting much more work in the second half playing the Cooper Kupp role, and Kupp also had six TDs on the year. He's severely undervalued on all touchdown props as a result. -- White
Will there be overtime?
Yes (+700)
No (-1100)
Expert Analysis: While you want to root for a close game and this would be a great bet to be cheering for at the end, there just isn't enough value to take the Yes. Only 6.4 percent of games this year went to overtime, and we've only gotten one overtime Super Bowl all year. The smart play is with the No. -- White
Who will be named Super Bowl MVP?
Tom Brady (+105)
Jared Goff (+225)
Todd Gurley (+800)
Sony Michel (+1800)
C.J. Anderson (+3000)
Aaron Donald (+2500)
James White (+4000)
Julian Edelman (+3000)
Rob Gronkowski (+3000)
Brandin Cooks (+3000)
Robert Woods (+3000)
Expert Analysis: Brady has been the MVP of four of five Patriots Super Bowl wins. This is practically betting on the Patriots to win the game -- it'll take a heroic effort from someone on the Patriots other than Brady for him to not get the MVP. If you're thinking about betting the Patriots, consider shifting some of your wager to this one where you'll actually get odds and won't have to lay points. -- Richard
Quarterbacks have won Super Bowl MVP 29 times, including in nine of the last 12 Super Bowls.
Expert Picks
NE -2.5, O/U 57  |  Open: NE -1.5, O/U 58
O / U
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Julio Jones, Amari Cooper and Tyreek Hill are just a few of the big-name receivers looking for new deals