Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Aaron Rodgers was not exactly thrilled with the Green Bay Packers' 2020 NFL Draft first-round selection, when they traded up to take quarterback Jordan Love. Heading into this year's draft, eyes were not just on what the Packers would do, but how No. 12, who is not typically quiet with his opinions, would feel about the picks.

When the Packers did not draft a wide receiver with the either of their first round selections, instead taking linebacker Quay Walker at No. 22 and defensive tackle Devonte Wyatt at No. 28, both out of Georgia, people wondered how the offensive leader was feeling. 

To the surprise of many, Rodgers was fine with it. Not only did he approve of the picks, unlike with Love, he was aware of what the Packers -- who continued their streak of not drafting a first-round receiver since 2002 -- had planned for draft night. 

Appearing on the Pat McAfee Show, Rodgers said of the Wyatt pick:

"Well I've had a little insight, I've been talking with him throughout the night … so I know that they really liked Wyatt early on and were wondering if he was gonna be there, at either pick I believe, and when the linebacker was there in the 20s and all six of those receivers, I believe it was six who they had first round grades on, were gone, I think it was pretty obvious that they wanted to sure up those two spots in their mind ... I'm sure Packer nation will be wondering why we didn't take a receiver or trade up or whatnot, but at this point you just gotta have some faith in the organization."

Commenting on the 6-3, 315-pound defensive tackle, Rodgers said, "I think this kid's pretty big."

With a smile, Rodgers asked a follow up question, "Is he a dog though ... is he like a cocker spaniel or something else?"

Rodgers already seemed to be brainstorming how to make the best use of the two newest additions to the Packers, talking about which players can move and how the team can best utilize the young player's talents. 

The 38-year-old said whoever the Packers brings in, he will make sure to make it work with them and continue to be a team that is in the playoff mix. 

Eyeing his second Super Bowl ring, Rodgers said, "Obviously our defense is going to be really good, and defense wins championships."

The former MVP had a lot to say on how this year is different than what it was like heading into last season.

"There was a lot of things from last year that weren't expected for sure. It definitely wasn't the smoothest year at times. But I do feel good about where I'm at with Green Bay," he said. "I'm excited to get back to there and get things going. We've got a lot to play for, a lot of exciting things."