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The San Francisco 49ers will be getting a minor makeover for the upcoming season. The team announced on Monday that they'll be tweaking their uniform for 2022. 

The changes aren't huge, but they're definitely noticeable. The first big change will be coming on the sleeve with the team adding a third stripe. The 49ers had traditionally worn three stripes on each of their sleeves for most of their history, but they cut that down to two stripes a few years ago. Clearly, the team likes the three-stripe look better, which is why they switched back. 

Here's what the new uniform looks like with the third stripe: 

If you thought you saw the 49ers wearing a uniform with three-stripes last year, you're not crazy. The 49ers wore a red throwback uniform in 2021 that also featured three stripes. 

Of course, that was a throwback look. The team's standard uniforms in 2021 consisted of just two stripes on the sleeves. 

The other big change will be coming in the style of writing that will be featured on the uniform. The 49ers have decided to embrace their past by switching to a saloon-style font. 

Not only will the font be added to the front of each uniform, but it will also be on the back of each helmet. 

According to the team's website, the 49ers first started using the font back in 1972, but it got phased out after just over 30 years of use. 

One more change that potentially could be coming in San Francisco is the return of the team's red helmet. The team hasn't officially announced anything, but when they unveiled their red throwbacks in June 2021, the San Francisco's chief marketing officer, Alex Chang, hinted that the 49ers would consider wearing a red helmet with their throwbacks. 

"There's really two options for us," Chang told CBSSports.com in 2021. "Stick with the '94 helmet, which we're already using today and we love that look -- or a 1955 helmet which was a red helmet with a silver stripe and face mask. We're looking at both." 

Due to NFL's "one-shell" policy, which limits a team to one helmet color, the 49ers weren't allowed to wear the red helmet in 2022. However, that policy is being scrapped for 2022, which means the 49ers -- and any other NFL team -- can wear an alternate helmet starting with the upcoming season. 

When the 49ers wore their red helmets in 1955, they wore them with a THREE-STRIPED red jersey, which is similar to the one they're now going to wear. 

We might not see a red helmet this year, but it won't be surprising if we eventually do. Multiple teams have already hinted at the possibility of introducing a second helmet for 2022. For instance, it appears the Patriots will be wearing their iconic "Pat Patriot" logo on an alternate helmet in the upcoming season.

To wear a red helmet, the 49ers had to get permission in July 2021, so if that didn't happen, they wouldn't be allowed to wear an alternate helmet until 2023. It's also possible that the 49ers will stick with only their gold helmets going forward.