The sideline reaction of A.J. Brown looking frustrated late in Saturday's NFC divisional round victory over the New York Giants was nothing for the Philadelphia Eagles to be concerned about. Brown only had three catches for 22 yards in the game and was visibly upset over his performance. 

"I'm never the receiver that's going to go on the sidelines or try to cause problems on the sidelines," Brown said, via The Philadelphia Inquirer. "I'm not that guy. I think that's what people describe as a diva, but I'm not that person. I'm a guy who goes to talk to the quarterback or the (offensive coordinator) and (talks) it that way. 

"I'm not really a guy to try to cause commotion on the sideline. I've never been that guy."

Brown strives to be great every week, which is why the Eagles leader for franchise receiving yards in a season wasn't pleased with how he played. His frustrations from the game weren't noteworthy, as Brown was smiling and excited over the playoff victory in the locker room shortly afterward. 

Much ado about nothing. 

"Of course he's always going to want the ball. He's a really good player," Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni said earlier in the week. "Not really anybody in the pass game really got a lot of targets or a lot of opportunities because we were running the ball so well.

"But that's what you want from your receivers, to want to have the football. Part of the reason why receivers are good is because they want and crave the football. They want the ball to change the game. But make no mistake about it, he was thrilled that we won the football game. 

"Always wants to be involved, obviously, in the plan. He blocked his butt off, and you could see how excited he was when he sprang that block for DeVonta's (Smith) touchdown. But obviously he was really excited and celebrated in the locker room with all of us after the win."

Sirianni mentioned Brown was battling something in his body, which was part of the frustration. Brown dismissed any serious injury, saying he's good to go for the NFC Championship Game against the 49ers on Sunday. 

He wants an opportunity to make an impact on the game, but that's the nature of the beast. 

"I just feel like I can change the game at any moment," Brown said. "Getting the ball often keeps you going, keeps you in a rhythm, it definitely puts you in the zone, keeps you locked in. Of course I want the ball."