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Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers took part in "The Match 4" with Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady on Tuesday, and despite a pretty incredible showing on the course, the former found himself the butt of a couple of jokes throughout the day. 

Rodgers of course is in the midst of a notable holdout with the Packers, and no one knows what's going to happen. The reigning NFL MVP reportedly wants out, but is still under contract with the Packers. Naturally, Green Bay is not in a rush to deal him away, but some think Rodgers could even retire if things don't change. 

Rodgers, Brady and the golf pros Phil Mickelson and Bryson DeChambeau played at The Reserve at Moonlight Basin in Big Sky, Montana -- a place with beautiful scenery. TNT's Brian Anderson spotted a bear during the golf match, which of course made him think about Rodgers' rival in the Chicago Bears. From there, he began to question Rodgers, asking if he would return to the Packers in the near future. 

Anderson: "Packers-Bears, any idea who's going to be there, anybody's going to be quarterbacking in the No. 12 jersey?"

Rodgers: "Yeah, I don't know BA. We'll see. We'll see, won't we?

Anderson: "How about Sept. 12 then? Will you go for that one?

Rodgers: "What's that one?"

Anderson: "That would be the opener against the Saints."

Rodgers: "Ohhh. Yeah I don't know BA. We'll see."

When TNT's Charles Barkley chimed in and told the star quarterback that he could trust him, Rodgers joked that he would tell him of his decision in Tahoe this week, and that Barkley could leak it to the media. Or was it a joke? Either way, Rodgers continues to be mum on the subject of his future -- and mum may be an understatement. Even in an interview before "The Match 4," Rodgers said he's more interested in staying silent. 

"Sometimes the loudest person in the room is not the person who has all the facts on their side or the truth on their side," Rodgers said, per ESPN's Ben Baby. "Sometimes there's a lot of wisdom in silence."