Aaron Rodgers would like you to know that Aaron Rodgers is not ruining football, despite what at least one NFL fan in Wisconsin seems to think.

Two days ago, we brought you the story of Richard Klatt, an NFL fan in Wisconsin who seems to believe that Rodgers is single-handedly causing the downfall of American football.

Rodgers disagrees.

A GIF from The Hangover? Nice touch.

The hashtag might be even better though.

This all started because Klatt sent a "Letter to the Editor" to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

In the letter, Klatt wrote that Rodgers' is ruining the game of football with his hard counts. Specifically, Klatt would like the Packers to not use hard counts at all in 2016.

"I hope that this season the Packers can refrain from their unprofessional play-calling. It strikes me almost childish. What I call the 'stutter-count' is so out of place in professional football," Klatt wrote.

The hard count is when Rodgers yells his cadence at the line of scrimmage to try and get an opposing player to jump offsides. Klatt wants no part of that or the five free penalty yards that comes with it.

"It's third down and the Packers need 5 yards, so instead of digging in what does quarterback Aaron Rogers (sic) do? He does his hard or stutter count and gets an opponent to jump offside. And there is your first down. Wow, how great was that," Klatt wrote.

Klatt would also like Rodgers to stop snapping the ball when the defense has 12 players on the field.

"Or better yet Rogers (sic) notices an opposing defensive player trying to get off the field and does a quick snap. Another 5 yards! Great play-calling," Klatt wrote.

Klatt is also probably also against flea-flickers, fake punts and that time the Little Giants ran the "Annexation of Puerto Rico."

Anyway, he wants the Packers to stop with the hard counts next season.

"Come on Packers, I think you're above this kind of play. Are you? Can you get those 5 yards without the tricks? You're ruining the game of football. Are our young athletes to be coached to play the game this way? I for one hope not, but then again, they're only kids," Klatt wrote.

Rodgers probably won't take Klatt's advice on hard counts, but the good news for Klatt is that Rodgers does seem open to the idea of using Klatt's spelling of Rodgers' name.

Although Klatt has decided to drop the 'D', we're going to keep spelling it Rodgers.

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