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When the Packers drafted Christian Watson in the second round of the 2022 NFL Draft earlier this spring, the hope was that he'd be able to help cushion the blow of the team trading away Davante Adams to the Raiders. Naturally, Adams' departure left an All-Pro-sized hole in the wide receiver room, so any sort of top-tier talent coming under the tent was a welcome sight. 

So far, Watson hasn't lit up the stat sheet but he's catching Aaron Rodgers' attention through the first month. The four-time NFL MVP even admitted on "The Pat McAfee Show" this week that he does see some resemblance to a young Adams. 

"Look, I tell you, he's got special speed. He really does. He's got incredible stride length," Rodgers said of Watson, via Packers Wire. "When you watch some of the film back, it's similar to watching Davante his rookie year. You know there were games where I didn't give Davante a ton of looks, but you go back and watch the film, and you're thinking, 'Man, this guy is open often.' It's like that from time to time with Christian. 

"There's a few routes, I mean not as much as Davante, I just think Davante was a little more polished route-runner as a rookie, but there are a few times where I might need to give him a second look even when things don't look great from the start because he does have that different type of speed. But we're finding ways to use him, I think, and again, we have to have patience."

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Watson, who missed Week 3 due to injury, has suited up in three games for the Packers this season and has seen 10 targets from Rodgers, which he has turned into six catches for 51 yards. He's also rushed twice for 22 yards and a touchdown. Watson's biggest play of the season likely should have come on Green Bay's first offensive snap of the season. Against the Vikings in Week 1, Rodgers uncorked what would have been an easy 75-yard touchdown had Watson not let the ball fall through his hands. 

Despite that miscue, you can see the potential that this QB-WR duo has. With more reps throughout the season and the realization of Rodgers that Watson is worth a second look when he drops back to pass, those connections may start happening in short order.