There are many unkind things said about other human beings on Twitter. Things get particularly heated on Sundays, with NFL action going on and people complaining about football players. No one is immune to being #MadOnline, not even your local weatherman.

Of course, if you're going to complain about a player you better be prepared to get some friendly fire in return.

Kansas City weatherman Gary Lesak (his Twitter profile is here) found out the hard way.

After Alex Smith suffered an injury Sunday against the Colts, Nick Foles entered the game at quarterback for the Chiefs. Lesak liked what he saw from Foles and fired off some tweets about the backup quarterback looking sharp.

Alex Smith's wife didn't appreciate the sentiment and she fired some shots in his way.

She's not wrong! Acting like Foles is a more dynamic player than Smith is just asking yourself to get lit up for criticism because you're 100 percent wrong if you think that. Foles had one nice year with Chip Kelly in Philadelphia, but by and large he has been a pretty bad quarterback.

Mrs. Smith is not thrilled about the shots her hubby took this week either (Smith would later take another hit and actually suffer a concussion -- he was only being checked originally).

Also not wrong. Different quarterbacks appear to get different treatment from refs in the modern NFL and it's extremely frustrating. It would be tough watching someone you love routinely getting cracked when he's out in the open field.