Cleveland Browns Mandatory Minicamp
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Veteran wide receiver Amari Cooper is 28 years old and in football years he is considered by some to be the "old guy" on the team. As he prepares for his first season with the Cleveland Browns, he finds himself taking on a new role and mentoring some of the younger players.

Cooper was drafted in 2015 and has learned a lot through his years in the league, something he is finding valuable when it comes to his leadership skills.

"A lot of leadership comes with experience and age. It becomes easier and easier over time because, from what I see now, leadership is just experience," Cooper said, via the team's website. "It's so easy to lead once you have that experience because everything these young guys are going through, you either went through it or saw someone else previously on the team go through it, and you saw how the outcome was."

He has now graduated to be known as an elder player on the team, saying, "that's the position I'm in now. These guys look at me like an old guy."

As one of the players with the most experience, he will bring knowledge to the younger group of receivers, including rookies David Bell, Michael Woods, Isaiah Weston, Travell Harris and Mike Harley.

Speaking on the rookies, Cooper said, "they know the position they're in, as far as making the team and stuff like that. They've been doing a good job. Very efficient."

Cooper is one of the oldest at his position, with 29-year-old Jakeem Grant leading the way. His resume includes four Pro Bowls and five seasons with 1,000 yards receiving.

The offensive situation on the Browns is still unknown, with quarterback Deshaun Watson likely to be suspended following sexual assault allegations. Who will be the quarterback is not yet known, as former starter Baker Mayfield awaits a trade out of Cleveland and Jacoby Brissett waiting in the wings.