Could Julian Edelman be returning to the NFL? Edelman's former head coach Bill Belichick said he has not heard anything about the New England Patriots legend returning to the league.

Belichick says he talks to Edelman frequently, but is not confident that the wide receiver will un-retire. Edelman hinted that he could come back to the field on "I AM ATHLETE," saying if he did make a return it could be with the Patriots rather than reuniting with his former quarterback Tom Brady with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Speaking with WEEI, Belichick said, "I've talked to Julian, I talk to him fairly regularly. So, yeah, I don't know about him talking to Rich Eisen and all that. You'd have to ask Julian about that, but I don't know."

Even if Belichick did know some information, the head coach famous for never giving too much of what he knows away would not likely spill on a player's retirement, or un-retirement, plans.

The comments Belichick is referencing are from Edelman answering a question about whether he would plan to do what his former teammate, Rob Gronkowski, did and come back to the game after some time away.

"To answer your question, probably not, but I will probably start training a little more and more just to kind of put some data on my brain to see if I can do it," Edelman said. "I'm not going to put myself out there to look silly. I'm not going to go out there where I can get open on one play. I want to go out there, and if I want to ball, I'm going to have to go out and consistently do it time and time again."

The 36-year-old noted that he would need to get back to NFL shape in order to make a return. 

Edelman had a storied career, with three Super Bowl victories, including the greatest championship comeback in league history. He has some of the best playoff performances in NFL history, so rather than come back and risk being injured an as he said "look silly," it would not be surprising if he was satisfied with his career and hung up the cleats for good.