As the general manager of the Bills, Doug Whaley's job is to hire people to play football. But on Tuesday, Whaley admitted his job involves doing something that he probably shouldn't be doing.

According to Whaley -- again, someone who hires football players for a living -- humans shouldn't be playing football due to its violent nature.

"This is the game of football," Whaley told WGR 550 radio, per "Injuries are part of it. It's a violent game that I personally don't think humans are supposed to play."

As ESPN reported, Whaley made that comment in response to a question about Sammy Watkins' health. Watkins is currently recovering from surgery on his broken foot, but is expected to return for the regular season.

"I wouldn't say [he's injury-prone]. If you look at his game log, he's only missed three games," Whaley said. "So is he injury-prone? I wouldn't say that. Are things going to come up with a guy like this? We hope that gets limited in the future."

He then went into his general thoughts about football. The point being, Whaley's remark was unprompted. He wasn't led into that answer, according to ESPN.

Whaley isn't necessarily wrong, of course. In January, the NFL released a report that revealed a rise in concussions. In total, the NFL counted 271 concussions last season. They also counted 56 ACL sprains and 170 MCL sprains in 2015.

For Whaley, it's been an especially rough offseason from an injury standpoint. In addition to Watkins' broken foot, the Bills are dealing with Shaq Lawson's shoulder issues, which is expected to sideline the first-round pick for four to six weeks.

Doug Whaley says football shouldn't be played by humans. USATSI